Valentine’s Day as Told by New Girl

New Girl has a place in our hearts and a way of helping us express our emotions in the strangest of outlets: Jess Day. Whether you’re taken, single, or emotionally connected to your cat. New Girl has us covered this Valentine’s Day.

1. You are happily taken.

In fact, you are so used to this human being, that you’ve definitely farted on them before.

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2. Your cat is your go-to best friend.

You’ll probably be watching Chick Flicks in your PJs with Chinese food on Valentine’s Day.

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3. You are super single and will probably be scoping out cuties on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe go to some parties on the hill? Or maybe not. Depends on how your emotions go.

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4. Poor babe, unrequited love.

You’ll be rewatching The Holiday and relating way too hard to Kate Winslet, waiting for a text from that guy you are too good for.

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5. You just started dating someone, and you have no idea how this is going to go.

What are the rules are for newly dating couples? Do you buy them something? Do they buy you something? Are they going to whine when I try to pay? Good luck, babe, you’re gonna have so much fun.

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6. You’re more excited about the 75% off chocolate the day after.

But definitely not sex. JUST chocolate.

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7. You are newly single, and not quite pumped about Valentine’s Day.

Hang in there, babe. They weren’t good enough for you anyway.

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8. You are single and super excited about it!

You have planned an amazing Galentine’s Day, and you want to invite me for making this great New Girl article. Thanks, I love you.

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9. Valentine’s Day? What’s that?

Midterms have already started, and you need to study!

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10. Honestly, you just want to chill on the couch and watch Netflix.

You’ve planned a spa night and will be living your best life with your best friend.

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Whether you’re going all out this Valentine’s Day or staying at home and bingeing more New Girl. Have a great day babe, you rock.

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Love you babes,