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The Ultimate Campus Celebrity: Run Ralphie Run!

As football season draws near, the excitement to see the iconic buffalo Ralphie heightens. With over 75 years of super star status, Ralphie charges around Folsom Field at the start of each football game bringing University of Colorado Fans to their feet. The mighty mascot, who is actually a female, is the fifth Ralphie to serve, assuming the title Ralphie V.
Before the Ralphie legacy began, sports teams at CU were not yet known as the buffalos, often being referred to as the “Silver and Gold.”  In 1934, the school newspaper held a contest with a $5 reward to decide on an official mascot. Thus the Buffaloes, less formally, the Buffs were born.
Although this was the start of the buffs, the early live buffaloes kept by the University never stepped hoof on the field, but rather made appearances outside the gates of the stadium. In 1966, the original Ralphie was donated to the school and the first five Ralphie runners were assigned to run the buffalo. In the years to follow Ralphie has become one of the most iconic college mascots. 

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