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True Life: It’s Finals, I’m Hyped up on Coffee., and I Want a New Combo

Unlike most universities around the country, CU Boulder doesn’t have a luxury of a dead week. No last hoorah on the hill or night on the town for us Buffs. Instead, we are forced to immediately hit the books, because finals begin the Saturday after classes end. This results in a dramatic increase of coffee consumption across campus.

With a Starbucks literally 50 yards from my front door, it’s hard to resist the enticing scent of caffeine. During a recent study session at my local Starbucks, I observed something while sitting at a table close to the register. Caffeine craving students order a variety of drinks that made me want to mix up my own black coffee routine.  If you’re looking for a new drink to boost your brain for finals studying check out these I heard today below:

  1. Grande, White Chocolate Mocha with Almond Syrup and 2 equals, no whip.
  2. Tall, 3 sugar Americano
  3. Venti, Soy, No water Chai Latte
  4. Venti, London Fog Tea with 2 tea bags, and Soy milk
  5. Grande, 2 pump toffee nut soy latte with whip
  6. Grande Green Tea Frappuccino
  7. Grande, Pikes with 2 pumps of hazelnut and Soy
  8. Grande, light ice coffee with 2 pumps cinnamon
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