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True American: Make a Night of It!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Are you a fan of the show, “New Girl”?


“True American” is a drinking game featured in Season 1, Episode 20 of the widely popular show, New Girl. If you haven’t seen this episode yet…drop everything, watch it first! Then come back to learn how to play & how to throw a “True American” bash!!



Let’s Get Started…


Game Setup: All you need is 20-25 beers (of your choice), a large bottle of liquor (of your choice), a large living room or family room, and all your besties! Also, once you have all the supplies, you’ll need to move around some furniture like the picture below and build “The Castle” on a table placed in the centre of the madness.

The Castle is made up of one bottle of liquor and many cans of beer (you decide how many based on the number of players). Place the liquor (the king) in the center of the table and fan the beers outward creating four sections.

Game Play: After you set up the game, two players have a shotgun contest to determine who has the first turn. To start the game, the winner yells “One, two three, JFK!” and then all other players yell “FDR”, grab a beer (pawn)from the Castle, and retreat to any space.  Players move around the room in a clockwise direction, jumping from place to place without touching the ground. The player whose turn it is, always moves one space; however, the other players must “win” their moves. This player has three ways to provide the other players with a way to win their move.


  1. The Count: All players yell “One, two, three” and then hold up a number of fingers against their foreheads (between 1 and 5). Anyone who is holding up a number that no one else has chosen wins. The Winner then gets to move one spot.

  2. Complete a Quote: A player may slowly speak a quote from pop culture. Then, any other player tries to jump in and complete the quote before they do. If they succeed, the Winner may move up to two spots.

  3. Something in Common: A player may yell out two people, places, or things. Any other player then has the chance to reply with what these two things have in common. Winners may move up to three spots.



After all beers (pawns) have been removed, the liquor bottle (king) is the only thing left. The first player to land on one of the centre spaces, finish their beer and take a swig from the King, wins the game!



If you are caught without a beer or with only an empty beer, you lose. If you step on the floor, you lose. BUT to get back into the game, chug one full beer and then you must start on a space that the other players decide.


Still not sure what “True American” is…





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