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Don’t Trick Yourself, Treat Yourself This Halloween

Halloween is a special time of year filled with your favorite candy, quirky decorations and costumes, and a lot of time spent with other people. But maybe you’re like me, and you’re not enthusiastic about seeing a bunch of strangers. Or maybe you are planning on a big Friday or Saturday night adventure, leaving the actual 31st on a Sunday, which is typically your homework or grocery shopping day. Not to mention the pressure to drop money on a costume and party for three whole days. Maybe this just isn’t the right time for you to do that, and I’d like to offer you some tips on making the most of it. Instead of getting sad that actual Halloween falls on a Sunday, take this as a sign to get creative and make it a holiday that’s all about you!

Special meal

Like I said above, some people will feel comfy going out and about in public, and some will not. So for this self-care activity, you should decide if a special meal is ordered and eaten in a restaurant, ordered as a pickup or as delivery and you eat it at home, or if it’s something you cook at home. Whether it’s a frozen pizza or made with fresh ingredients, whether it’s take out or a recipe you’ve been waiting to try, treat yourself to your favorite meal! And don’t forget dessert (it is the candy holiday, after all).

Skincare (pumpkin anyone?)

The last time I got a facial, my esthetician asked me if I had a pumpkin allergy. I said no, and she suggested using a product on me that contained pumpkin extract. I smelled like a crisp fall day! It was slightly tingly and very soothing, and there is research on how nice pumpkin is for your skin. Maybe you’re not comfortable with or can’t book a facial appointment right now. No problem! Try this pumpkin honey mask from Andalou Naturals at Ulta. Not your thing or you have an allergy? Head over to the beauty section at your fave store and pick something really fun for yourself. Your skin will thank you for it.

Fun manicure

On a similar note, maybe you go to a salon or you make a salon at home. What colors should you use? Might I suggest a Halloween color theme, like orange, purple, green, or black? Black is a bit bold and daring, and you’ll need to decide if you want a matte or a glossy polish. Maybe you take a trip to that drug store aisle again, and you spot something new and fun to try, like glitter polish or stickers. However you style them, your claws will look great heading into November.

Movie date

Whether this is through Netflix or a real theater or, wait for it, an actual DVD, treating yourself to your favorite holiday film might be the perfect cap to the night. Last year, I binged all the episodes of “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” which was very creepy and spooky so very seasonally appropriate. And then later, my housemates and I watched Disney’s “Coco.” Also very appropriate, but a far more friendly way to end the night. Find the thing that you want to watch, whether that’s new or old, a series or a documentary, and have a fun evening to yourself. Don’t forget the snacks!

Any exercise

However you want to move your body, do it today! Going for easy walks is a severely underrated form of exercise, in my opinion. Find a yoga class or a YouTube video you can follow along with at home. Go out for a traditional hike and look at the pretty leaves. Getting your blood pumping for a non-scary reason might be just what you needed, especially while the Colorado weather is cooperating.

Sometimes holidays make people feel like they have to do specific activities in order to participate. I want to encourage you to take the day to do literally whatever you want to do and make the day your own. Stay safe out there!

Sarah Adams

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Linguist and cat person, most likely watching a hockey game, but I ought to be working on my Masters thesis.
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