Top 10 Best BTS Music Videos

In honor of BTS’s new album “BE” releasing on November 20, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite music videos they’ve put out so far in their iconic seven-year career as a K-pop group. The great thing about BTS is how versatile they are. They’ve covered every single genre from lyrical with “Spring day”, to rap with “Mic Drop”, to more classic pop anthems like “Boy With Luv”. So if you haven’t already listened to any of their songs I can 100% guarantee they have something you’ll love!

  1. 1. Save me

    This is definitely one of the more simplistic music videos but it isn’t any less impressive especially since it was shot in one continuous take. The cloudy landscape creates a moody tone and emphasizes the song lyrics which are about someone going through a hard time and relying on someone’s help to save them. The format of the music video emphasizes how synchronous all the members are especially during the iconic dance break. I’m also just lowkey obsessed with Suga’s and J-Hope’s parts and Jin’s blonde hair black cap combo is honestly just *chef’s kiss*.

  2. 2. I Need U

    “I Need U” was a tipping point in BTS’s career and also marked the beginning of the BTS universe/ HYYH series which is set in a parallel universe where the members play specific characters that go through various struggles. The universe is explored in many of their music videos and has expanded to include a short story, webtoon, and a visual novel. The BTS universe is very complex but very fun to analyze especially since there is an element of time travel involved.  I would definitely recommend watching all of the videos that are incorporated into the concept but it’s important to know that it explores dark themes like mental illness, suicide, and violence.

  3. This is my favorite song and music video BTS has ever come out with, but I struggle to explain it to people when they ask. It’s a visually stunning cinematic experience filled with elegant chandeliers, renaissance paintings, and gives off a very Met Gala 2018 “Heavenly Bodies” vibe. The lyrics talk about temptation and the willingness to sacrifice everything for a toxic love but the song itself is upbeat and addicting. A lot of songs from this BTS era, “Wings”, have haunting short film/music videos that I would also recommend watching to get a better understanding of the BTS universe.

  4. 4. Spring day

    “Spring day” is such a beautiful and timeless song that revolves around the feelings of grief when you miss someone you love and hope that spring will come after a brutal winter. It’s one of BTS’s more lyrical sounding songs and the music video mimics that with breathtaking visuals like the snowy train tracks, a giant pile of laundry, and an abandoned amusement park ride. I can honestly say that there is nothing bad about this music video because it truly is a masterpiece.

  5. A lesser-known fact about BTS is that they came from a smaller company, Big Hit Entertainment, and were not respected in the K-pop industry until years into their career when they released “I Need U”. No one expected them to become so popular, and they were often mocked in their first years as a group. “Mic Drop” is the final component of their diss track series called “Cyphers” that is addressed to their haters. In this series the rap line, RM, Suga, and J-Hope, express all of the struggles they’ve overcome and especially in the lyrics of “Mic Drop” show that they’ve proven their haters wrong with their undeniable success.

  6. 6. DNA

    This is another music video jam-packed full of bright colors and trippy visuals. “DNA” has a lot of space motifs with the lyrics dealing with the universe and some think the music video is supposed to represent a wormhole. It is also one of the first songs that got recognition internationally and especially in the U.S which skyrocketed their career. I’m also obsessed with their little “DNA” chain dance move that connects all of them because it’s so fun to watch.

  7. 7. Fake Love

    “Fake Love” holds a special place in my heart because it was the first comeback I was active as a fan. It’s also a part of the BTS universe and is filled with amazing imagery like Jungkook running while the floor falls, Jimin standing next to two waterfalls, and Suga sitting in front of a ginormous fire. The song is on the more dark side with lyrics that revolve around a toxic relationship and dance moves that mimic a puppet on a string.

  8. 8. Idol

    K-pop is known for its eccentric music videos but this one definitely takes the cake. “Idol” is filled with trippy visuals that descriptions can’t even do justice to. You honestly just have to watch it to know how crazy it is. They even have a version that features Nicki Minaj. The greatest thing about this song is how BTS is able to get whole stadiums to sing “you can't stop me lovin’ myself,” which is honestly such an important message. The choreography for this song is also insanely difficult and having seen them perform it live I can say it’s impressive that they’re able to dance and sing to this song at the same time.

  9. This is probably their most played song and the one everyone has at least heard a little bit of on the radio or in a store. Many of my friends who normally don’t listen to K-pop raved to me about how much they loved this song. It’s such a fun and refreshing song and the “Oh my my my” part is so catchy! I’m also obsessed with the all-pink outfits featured in the music video and love the movie theater set they used. The vibes are immaculate in this one.

  10. 10. Dynamite

    BTS’s first all English song “Dynamite” is the best thing about 2020 and genuinely cured my depression. I swear you cannot be upset while watching this music video. The funky disco-pop sound mixed with the retro aesthetic and bright colored visuals creates the perfect music video to bring a smile to anyone's face and instantly make someone start a mini dance party. I’ve had this song stuck in my head since the moment it came out and I’m not even mad about it!

It was super hard to narrow down the music videos to just 10 because all of them are honestly so amazing. If you enjoyed any of the ones mentioned you should definitely check out the rest of their discography because they have some elite sidetrack songs as well. I’m very excited for “BE” and I hope after reading this you are too!