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“Rich mom starter pack… here’s what you’ll need to fit in with the creme-de-la-creme of rich moms…” If you are a frequent TikTok user, you have probably seen a hilarious, authentic, and opinionated creator by the name of Tinx pop up on your ‘For You Page’(fyp). Tinx quickly rose to TikTok stardom through her iconic and hysterical “Rich Mom Starter Pack” videos. Using her new platform to give dating advice, job and city guidance, and product recommendations, Tinx has been dubbed ‘TikTok’s Big Sister’ and boasts a serious cult following (guilty as charged). So, how did a Stanford grad go from corporate jobs and freelance writing to having her own Chipotle bowl, Erewhon smoothie, and ability to single-handedly sell out Amazon products simply through her own endorsement? Let’s take a look at Tinx’s fascinating journey.

Christina Najjar grew up in London, England before heading west to attend college at Stanford University. Post-grad Najjar worked for a number of big-name corporations and eventually decided to pursue her passion for writing with a Parson’s degree in fashion journalism. Her career as a freelance journalist was marked with refreshingly personal and authentic articles, like “I Had a Massive Crush on My Trainer—It Didn’t End Well.” She’s explained that she loves the idea of other people laughing at and learning from her mistakes. Fast forward to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Najjar—like the rest of us—was at a low. In an attempt to curb quarantine loneliness and grasp at a little serotonin, she posted her first video on TikTok under her iconic moniker. Just like that, Tinx was born… mini-mic in hand. 

What makes Tinx a unique influencer, in my opinion, is her trademark content series. In addition to rich moms, she posts other sassy content, like “What your favorite LA smoothie spot says about you” and “How to get over someone you never dated… hold a funeral.” Her videos attract her audience because it’s the content they didn’t know they needed. “Millennials love a list, they love a starter pack, and I found a lot of camaraderie and success with that kind of content because there are other people my age on the app,” Tinx said in an interview with Vogue. Her fans are absolutely die-hard and it’s because she’s blunt, relatable, and refreshingly real.

If you’re like me, Tinx’s word holds more weight than common law, and you probably find yourself asking, “What would Tinx do?” on a daily basis. Her chatty videos exude both confidence and approachability. From the first video you see, you trust this woman instantly and implicitly. At 31, she is one of the older creators on TikTok. I think Tinx’s wisdom and, “I slipped on this banana peel so you don’t have to,” mantra is what makes her so appealing. She openly shares every area of her life, from dating blunders to health issues through her videos and Instagram AMAs (ask me anything). In addition, she has fervent opinions and theories that are niche, hilarious, and pretty much always right. “If you don’t like tuna, grow up,” says Tinx. 

Tinx is a rapidly rising star in the world of TikTok, influencers, and content creators. She reminds us why we love the people that we do online… because they are like us. They let us into their lives enough for us to realize we aren’t so different. Tinx is a creator who treats her followers like her best friends. She truly is our generation’s big sister. I for one am excited to see what projects 2022 brings her, and what products she will have me draining my bank account to get my hands on.

Alex Hazen

CU Boulder '22

Alex is a 22-year-old Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business. Her hometown is Aspen, Colorado and in her free time she loves to write, hike, ski, practice yoga, and try new food!