Timeline of Queen B & Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z. The ultimate Hollywood couple, everyone’s idol, and of course serious couple goals. They are probably the most iconic couple we know today, and they are finally celebrating their 9 year anniversary! How cool right? We have all been rooting for them and it’s seems like they have been together for literally forever. How could it possibly only be 9 years. Well it all started when Queen B was just 18 years old. So let’s dive right into a quick recap of their relationship in honor of this special anniversary.



Fall of 2000

This is where it all started guys! Beyoncé meets the love of her life during this time and she was only 18 years old! They then began dating just a year later. If only we could meet our soulmate that young.


Now let’s fast forward just a bit to May of 2003. We all know the song “Crazy in Love” right? I mean who doesn’t, that was definitely what we all would jam out to in the car with our mom. This song brought a little bit of attention to the couple once again. The “Crazy in Love” music video featured Jay Z, which led people to start rumors about their relationship starting up again. Unfortunately, they hadn’t come out in the open yet and confirmed the rumors.



August 2004

Queen B and Jay Z finally make their debut on the Red Carpet! All rumors have been confirmed, and everyone is shipping this love train.



April 4, 2008

Did someone say wedding bells? This is the most important day in their relationship. This is their wedding day! The most beautiful and personal wedding. They kept this wedding on the down low, but they did manage to fly in 70,000 flowers from Thailand.



January 2009

The powerful couple goes to show their support at the new President Barack Obama’s first inauguration, and they sang “America the Beautiful.”



Now we can’t forget about the beautiful children they have brought into the world. At the VMA awards, she performed “Love on Top” and announced that she was pregnant! But shortly after in October 2011, rumors start spreading that Bey herself is not actually pregnant.


January 7, 2012

The little sweetheart Blue Ivy is born.



In 2014, the relationship gets a little rocky when rumors start buzzing around about a potential divorce. Aren’t we all glad this didn’t go through, could you even imagine what it would be like not having this power couple? I personally don’t even want to think about it.



April 2016

The album that now speaks to us all, Lemonade. It aired on HBO, and the album finally goes on sale a week later. What this album and its lyrics mean are still up for debate. Whether it is just self-promotional, or an autobiography on her marriage, we are just blessed to have this great music in our lives.



To add to the rumors about their rocky marriage, Bey attends the Met Gala alone in May 2016.



October 2016

Bey and Jay Z are okay! She invited him onstage during her Formation tour and gives him a nice little kiss.  



February 2017

This wasn’t too long ago, so we probably all remember this. But just incase you forgot, I’ll refresh your memory. This is when Bey announces that she will be having twins! Yes twins, not just one more child to this iconic family, but Two.



April 4, 2017

This amazing couple celebrates 9 years of love and happiness together. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but they have made it this far and are bringing beautiful twins into the world.



This beloved couple is ultimate relationship goals, and who knew it started when they were so young. The love they have for eachother should definitely give you hope that you can find your soulmate as well. So let’s all celebrate and take time to thank the universe for giving us such an amazing couple and helping them last through all the crazy media rumors. Happy Anniversary Queen B & Jay Z!