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There Are Seven Types of BeRealers Out There And I’m All Of Them

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

I wish I was joking when I said that sometimes, I get a genuine mood boost when I see the notification that it’s time to BeReal. If you haven’t heard, BeReal is a new social media app focused on “being real” and unlearning the inevitable falsity and insincerity of other social media apps. In the app creator’s own words, “Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in two minutes.” The app automatically takes a picture of whatever your front and back cameras are facing, and the result is a little snippet of what you’re doing whenever the app sends you the notification. 

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The app has become a Gen-Z cultural phenomenon, and its downloads have increased by over 1000% in the past year. As a college student, I am as obsessed with BeReal as my peers. Since I downloaded the app, I’ve taken note of some different “types” of BeRealers, and I think these archetypes are worth a proper analysis. That being said, I want this article to be healthy and fun, so I’m including some of my fellow HCCU members’ BeReals, as well as my own, as examples of these stereotypes. 

The “Maybe A Little Bit Too Real” BeRealer

Kudos to the BeRealers who are committed enough to post their BeReal on time, no matter what. I mean no matter what. They could be on the toilet, crying, throwing up, but they will BeReal. I’m here for it and admire their transparency. That being said, I do have some friends who will post their BeReal late and on the toilet, which I simply do not understand. 

Marita Blake is the queen of Being Real, and Lanaya Oliver simply couldn’t wait until she put her shirt completely on before posting

The “Unfortunate Timing” BeRealer

This BeRealer swears whoever sends out that fateful “It’s Time To BeReal” notification has a personal vendetta against them because they are never doing anything fun in their BeReal. Ever. These BeRealers will always be spotted in a dirty sweatshirt in their bed. It doesn’t matter if they’re the busiest person you know–they could’ve just finished meeting the President of the United States or singing onstage with their favorite artist, but the BeReal notification will not come for them until they’re at their absolute laziest moment of the day. 

Anyone on BeReal has had this happen before, but for the “unfortunate timing” BeRealer it’s a constant struggle in their life. Send love to your friends who are victims of BeReal’s random notifications. 

The “Doesn’t Even Try To BeReal” BeRealer

Perhaps the most infamous archetype of the BeReal universe, this BeRealer is, simply put, not real. Sure, you might miss the notification every now and then, or you might wait to take your BeReal until you have a special moment that you know you’ll want to remember forever (I had a friend wait to post her BeReal until she was at a Harry Styles concert, which I think is totally justifiable). However, I have no tolerance for those who post their BeReal late and at social events consistently. Sorry, not sorry.

What is the point of getting a randomly-timed social media app if you’re going to wait to post until you’re at a party? Cute picture, but save it for Instagram. 

Jordan Saladino, Lanaya Oliver, and I giving into “Being Fake”

The “Show-Off”  BeRealer 

A slightly different BeReal villain from the “BeFaker” seen above, the Show-Off is slightly more timely in their post but is always posting studying or work pictures that paint them in the best light possible. 

Maybe you actually were working on that fancy and smart-sounding essay one time, but did you actually have your perfect test score or application acceptance email window open when it was time to BeReal? I don’t think so. There’s a difference between changing your computer window from a private email in your BeReal and changing your computer window to a completely different task just to seem more professional, productive, or popular. You aren’t fooling anyone. 

Jordan Saladino, Sarah Adams, and Alison McCall all showing off their multiple skills and work

The “Are You Sure You’re Allowed To Post That?” BeRealer

On the opposite spectrum of the “Show-Off”, this BeRealer probably should change their computer window when it’s time to BeReal. As a Political Science student, a lot of my friends had really cool, high-profile government internships this summer. While I am so proud of them and love to hear all about it, sometimes the screens they post on BeReal seem mighty confidential to me (Yes, I zoom in on people’s screens in their BeReals, and you’re lying if you say you don’t).  

via Twitter

I love seeing the politic-and-corporate girlies on BeReal, but something tells me that some of the emails and spreadsheets I’ve seen are not for the public eye. The same can be said for accidental credit card appearances in BeReals (which I’ve been guilty of), private text messages on your computer, and naked BeReals. Take this as a warning. 

The “OMG, Eyes On The Road Please” BeRealer 

This BeRealer probably should have their driver’s license revoked. Public service announcement: no matter how slow you’re going, no matter how empty the road is, your BeReal can wait until you’re not in control of a two-ton metal machine.

Indiya Warner, Sarah Adams, and I need to be more careful on the road

The “Get Your Feet Out Of There” BeRealer 

I do not need to see your toes in every BeReal you post. They do not need to be in there. Nowhere in the BeReal guidelines does it say “make sure your toes are in your picture!” Enough is enough. You know who you are. 

Lanaya Oliver and Sarah Adams are a little too comfortable displaying their feet on BeReal

Happy BeRealing!

Genevieve Andersen is the President of HCCU, as well as a co-Campus Coordinator. As President, she oversees the senior executive team, executive team, national partnerships, and assists with coordinating events. She manages meetings, recruitment, campus communications, and chapter finances and is one of HCCU's biggest fans. Since she joined the club in 2021, she has found a passion for writing on subjects like politics, law, feminism, environmental justice, and local features. Outside of HCCU, Genevieve is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in political science and French and minoring in journalism. Besides magazine writing, she has published and assisted with political science research, with her latest project involving international environmental policy being based in Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked with the United Nations Environmental Program and various European environmental NGOs. When she is not busy reading member's HCCU articles, you can find Genevieve on a ski or hiking trail, hanging out with her friends, playing with her dogs, or staring at her pet fish wishing he could be played with.