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The Doppelganger Universes: Marvel’s Mirrored DC Counterparts

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Superheroes are all the rage currently. Marvel and DC stand as titans, each with a pantheon of iconic characters that have captured the hearts and imaginations of fans for decades. In these two different universes that have their own way of storytelling and characterizations, it’s mind blowing to see that so many characters from one universe have their own counterparts in a whole other universe but with their own little twists.

Flash (DC) and Quicksilver (Marvel)

The Flash has the unbelievable ability to harness the power of super speed and is a beacon of heroism in the DC Universe. He moves at high speed and is able to run across water, and is also able to phase through solid objects due to the Speed Force. In the Universe over we have Quiksilver who shares a lot of similarities from moving at supersonic speeds. Both of these heroes demonstrate the awe-inspiring potential of super speed, using their abilities to protect everyone.

Green Arrow (DC) and Hawkeye (Marvel)

The Green Arrow is best known for his mastery of archery and formidable fighting skills, and he employs a range of specialized trick arrows with unparalleled marksmanship in his fight against crime. He is resourceful and witty, making him a formidable vigilante in the DC Universe. Similarly, in the Marvel Universe we have Hawkeye, who has his own proficiency and marksmanship with a bow and arrow. With Hawkeye’s acrobatic skills with a bow in mind, both archers bring a unique flair to their respective teams — proving that sometimes all it takes is a well trained eye and an arrow for the fight against injustice.

Wonder Woman (DC) and Captain Marvel (Marvel)

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior princess, and she stands as a symbol of empowerment with her super strength, ability to fly, and her iconic Lasso of Truth. She embodies strength and justice as well as compassion, and she is an inspiration to many of her fans. On the other side of that we have Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers), who shares a similar power set to Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel commands cosmic forces and is supposed to be a force for good in the Marvel Universe. Both of these powerful women showcase the strength and resilience of being female superheroes, proving that they are more than capable of standing toe to toe with an adversary with their unwavering heroism.

Black Canary (DC) and Mockingbird (Marvel)

Black Canary is a skilled hand to hand combatant with a powerful sonic scream. She fights crime alongside the Justice League, bringing justice with her fierce material arts and has a formidable vocal ability. Mockingbird (aka Bobbi Morse) shares a lot with Black Canary, from martial arts to combatant abilities. Mockingbird adds her own unique flair to the battle, using her versatility of being a woman to her advantage to get the upper hand in the superhero comics. They are each bringing their own flair to each of their teams.

These are just a few of my favorite heroes and their counterparts. While each universe has its own unique spin and history, it’s undeniable that certain archetypes and powers transcend the boundaries of publishers.  Fans on both sides of the comic book aisle can find familiar themes and characters. So next time you read a comic book or watch a superhero movie, remember that somewhere in the vast multiverse, there’s a counterpart waiting with a slightly different costume. I mean, it has to be Marvelous to have a doppelganger.

Kennedy Pickering

CU Boulder '24

Kennedy is a Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Women and Gender Studies, as well as Sports Media. I love to write about my life, and the nerdy hobbies that have taken a hold of my life, but I mainly love to write about different versions of feminism as well as my life as a Black student that attends a PWI. When I am not writing you can find me binge-reading the new young adult romance novel, all the movies in the Harry Potter series, rewatching Disney classics from TV shows to movies.