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10 Things I’ve Learned Since I Turned 20

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I Have a Lot of Healing To Do.

I have pondered what to say under this one too heavily so we’re just going to leave it at that.

Everything I Knew About College Was a Lie.

Okay, this is a bit of an exaggeration. What I’m trying to express is that when I look back, the young mind I had when I was a senior in high school compared to all of the knowledge I have now…

All I can say is, college technically doesn’t accept you — you accept it. You’re the one paying the bill. Check your emails, look out for cheaper textbook options, meet with your advisor, build a budget, once you get a chance to leave the dorms, LEAVE, make sure you stay on track for your desired graduation date (it’s really easy to end up in college much longer than you anticipated, but this is also okay unless you’re a time freak like me). Whew, that was a lot. There’s definitely more. But that’s for another article.

I Intend to Be Successful.

Speaks for itself.

Money Matters.

I’ve always known this, but as I have started to both earn and spend a whole lot more of my own money since coming to college, I understand that there’s a certain lifestyle I would like my money to help me achieve and that I need to be smart about it. It’s definitely a learning journey.

If No One Is Cheering For You, Cheer For Yourself.

I cannot stress this enough: you are your biggest supporter. You are the only person who knows your vision. Not everyone has to see it and not everyone will. I know this is easier said than done, however, I try and remember it always and I intend on carrying it with me into my 20’s.

Relationships and Upkeeping Them Matters.

As we continue to grow and keep accumulating new things that busy up our schedules, making the time for people and spaces that nourish you, I have found to be very important. 

Good Sex is Good for you.

Man. You know the saying that goes, “If it doesn’t bring you energy, inspiration, income, or orgasms; it doesn’t belong in your life,”? Yeah. That part. 

I Love My Mommy.

She did her thang. She was the original baddie. Without her, there would be no me. No, but seriously I think as we all grow up we begin to see our parents as actual human beings who are flawed. I didn’t understand what seemed to be endless yelling, chores, etc., but despite my mother’s many faults, she has taught me a lot of what I know now. There are certain aspects of home training I’m realizing a lot of people do not have. I am glad I have it, and I am forever grateful.

Dancing is Sacred.

I have grown in my love for dance a lot in the past few years. I am learning that I am a very rhythmic individual and moving my body feels healing. Taking African Dance classes at CU has really helped me deepen my understanding and will to move. This ties hand in hand with music for me. Both of these are sacred to me and help me grow spiritually.

I want to Share My ideas with the World.

Starting here :)

Since I turned 20, it felt like one day I woke up and all of a sudden I was doing these adult things and I was an adult person. Almost as if there was no proper split of time between “being a kid” and “being an adult” (which is all very objective anyway). I think the way I celebrated my 20th birthday was very fitting. I spent it the way I thought was best for me at the time. I was celebrating it for me, and not for anyone else. Not for social media, not for friends and family, for me. It felt very “adult”.

Stephanie Sika

CU Boulder '24

Stephanie Dzidzor Sika is a Ghanaian-American first generation college student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her hobbies include dancing, cooking, and writing. Stephanie is currently working actively towards informing, sharing, and loving by way of her work as much as she can.
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