Syllabus Week - As told by Cher Horowitz

It’s Syllabus Week! Ugh, as if! If you’re, like, totally buggin’,  who better to guide you through this week than everyone's favorite California girl, Cher Horowitz.


Picking out the perfect outfit for the first day of classes



Finding your besties in your huge lecture classes



When your professor starts lecturing on the first day



When your professor says you need at least a B to pass the class



When the f*ckboys from last semester start to slide into your DM’s



When it’s the one week a semester you can go out every single night and not feel guilty



When the frat boy you haven’t spoken a word to tries dancing with you



When your parents call to check in everyday since you’ve been back to school



When syllabus week is over, but you made the most of it



Ok, I’m outtie!