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Body shaming has never been something that I’m cool with personally, but there’s a trend in recent media coverage that I’ve noticed and it’s ticking. Me. Off. If you’re a female celebrity these days, there’s a good chance you’ve had at least one article – if not many more – released criticizing what you wear, who you’re with, or how short your shorts are. And that in itself is stupid. But there’s one actress that’s been getting the heat for too long now: Ariel Winters.

The Modern Family actress has been getting the heat from magazines and websites like DailyMail, UsMagazine, and other paparazzi sources for as long as I can remember. It seems like the girl can’t go outside in a pair of khakis without someone taking a picture and tweeting it with a degrading caption. And I am here to say, enough is enough.

Body shaming is a trend in modern day media coverage that has been getting so much attention that it encourages fans to take to twitter and shame their favorite celebrities for their “promiscuity”. Why this is such a popular trend is beyond me. Women should be allowed to wear whatever makes them comfortable and confident, and being in the public eye shouldn’t change this.


Luckily, Ariel Winters (being the epic queen that she is) has taken to Twitter and even interviews to say that she doesn’t give a hoot about her critics. She’s confident in her body and her sense of style, and she will continue to rock her shorts and dresses however she pleases no matter who decides to get their panties in a twist.


Nothing but love ❤️

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The fact that DailyMail keeps getting views on such slut shaming articles is ridiculous and sad, but Ariel Winters deserves all the credit for not letting the haters get to her. Keep rocking your stuff, Ariel. You’re an inspiration to us all. And remember, everyone – we respectin’ women in 2018.


Madison Sinsel

CU Boulder '21

Madison is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder, working towards a major in the CMCI school in Strategic Communications on the media design track as well as a minor in fine art. She's been a HerCampus writer since her freshman year, and this year she is also lucky to be an Aerie Ambassador for CU's campus and a Barre3 ambassador for the Boulder studio. At CU Boulder, Madi is focusing on learning graphic design and illustration and has plans to one day become an artistic director and tattoo artist. She's had a love for writing since she was three years old, and is thrilled to be a part of the HerCampus community. Her passions include theatre, matcha lattes, and reading people's tarot cards at parties.
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