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Steve Harrington – All The Reasons to Stop Hating and Start Loving Him

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

 I’d like to preface this article full of love for Steve by saying I do NOT dislike Jonathan, I love Jonathan. I’m not even gonna argue that Steve should be with Nancy because honestly, whatever. I’m just here to say, if you don’t like Steve, you’re wrong!! You’re all WRONG!!! Go Steve!! He is a sweet angel and y’all need to stop ragging on him!!!!


I can’t tell you that you have to love Steve until I explain his questionable moments.  I’m not gonna deny Steve has done some douchebag type things on the show, like breaking Jonathan’s camera, but as the audience we understand that Jonathan is just a misunderstood kid with a kind heart, but to Steve, he’s a perv who took pics of his girl undressing!!! Steve’s reaction was totally justified!!


Secondly, Steve supported Nancy’s decision to go to the police when Barb went missing, and just said she shouldn’t tell the police they were drinking. Barb wasn’t drinking, and it would save them a lot of trouble!! He wasn’t being insensitive, just practical and trying to keep them out of trouble!!! We can all relate to not telling the whole truth every time we go out drinking for our own good.


Lets talk about that time Steve oh so romantically scaled the side of Nancy’s house(to apologize for their fight!!!) only to discover her alone in her room late at night with Jonathan, the reclusive boy who secretly took pervy pictures of her??? Now she’s alone with him even though she told Steve she was busy that night??


This was obliviously hurtful, and Steve confided in his friends who decide to vandalize the movie theater marquis, which Steve later call out his friends for doing and cleans up himself!!!! Go Steve!!


Later, Steve shows up to Jonathan’s house to apologize for jumping to conclusions and fighting him even tho from Steve’s initial POV Jonathan totally deserved it (Steve’s a good dude). Only to be surprised when Nancy opens the door (like okay ouch) and then he realizes that she is BLEEDING and that there are weapons all over the damn house. So, being the good guy he is, rushes in the door concerned for her safety, regardless of the fact that she just dumped him (Steve’s a good dude). She yells at him to get out and he still insists on making sure she’s okay because he’s a… GOOD DUDE.

So then Steve discovers Nancy and Jonathan are, in fact, fighting an alien monster from another dimension and hauls ass outta there (ok reasonable) but then sees that lights of Satan flickering and decides to go back and help kick some Demogorgon ass. YAS Steve!!!!!!


On to season two, we see a seemingly thriving teenage love between Steve and Nacy, Steve being his sweet, devoted, and affectionate self.


He’s planning his future around staying close to Nancy (how many teenage boys about to graduate high school even consider something like this??? Not many!!! Good dude!!)


This sweet love story quickly down spirals when Nancy gets drunk and shatters Steve’s heart into a million pieces


That was like, way harsh Nance. Of course Steve walked away from her, who wouldn’t need some space after the person they love tells them the relationship is bullshit. Look at those tears, seriously.


So we see Nancy break Steve’s heart because of her overwhelming feelings of guilt over Barb’s death


And while dealing with his heart break Steve also has to deal with this asshole and find out that Nancy is skipping class to be with Jonathan like, right after they broke up


But still, Steve puts aside his pride and goes to apologize to Nancy, even though he hasn’t done anything



Where is Nancy? Off with Jonathan, which okay, she broke up with Steve so whatever. The most important thing is that Nancy being gone leads to the reunion of Steve and his bat and everyone’s new fav bromance – Dustin & Steve forever!!!!


And so the best versions of our beloved Steve Harrington emerge:


Dad Steve

Bad ass dad Steve



“Don’t cream your pants” Steve


Gonna fight this scary ass guy to protect these kids Steve


“He kicked your ass” Steve whose first priority is still Nancy


I’m not gonna call you out and I’ll accept all the blame Steve


“It’s Faberge Organics. Use the shampoo and the conditioner, and when the hair is damp — it’s not wet, OK? When it’s damp — do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.” Steve


And we circle back…. to heartbreak Steve


If you can still hate Steve after reading this, I hope you get trapped in the upside down



Dear Steve, you don’t need Nancy Wheeler, there’s a cute blonde girl out there who will eat KFC with you and sing along to your favorite Bob Seger song.




Lauren is currently majoring in Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Business in the Leeds School of Business, Leadership in the LSM Program, and Women and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Colorado Boulder. On campus Lauren currently holds the position of Her Campus CU Boulder's Chapter President and Campus Correspondent. She also acts as an Aerie Real on campus ambassador, held the position of  Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep for CU for the previous two years, and acts as the social media chairman and event coordinator for the PSICHI Psychology Honors Club within CU's Psychology department.  Outside of school Lauren founded and owns Empyreal Photography. When she's not looking through a camera lens or somewhere drinking chai, you can probably find her in a yoga class, petting a dog, or daydreaming about New York City.