Spring Cleaning: 3 Steps to Letting Go of Old Clothes

After moving home are you realizing you have too many clothes, or are you just generally sick of what you have to wear? Here are some easy tricks to cleaning up your closet to make room for your best summer fashion. 

  1. 1. Turn all the hangers in your closet the wrong way.


    This is a trick I learned from Pinterest years ago and it helps so much. As you wear the clothes you turn the hangers right so that once the time limit is up you know what you didn’t wear. Usually, I give myself a month to wear all items that are in season but, since we are not leaving the house right now, it might be a better idea to allow more time to sort out your closet.

  2. 2. Pull out items from your drawers that you haven’t seen in the laundry in a while.

    A good way to know if you wear items is if you wash them frequently or not. If there are clothes that you haven’t seen in the laundry in a while you can assume you don’t wear it enough. From there I put these items on “probation” where I give myself a set amount of time again to either wear it or give it up. I put them in a place in my room that I can plainly see the items so I know they are there. 

  3. 3. Research the trends.

    Girl on bench showing outfit

    A big question to ask is, “is this item still trendy." The summer that cold-shoulder tops were in, I bought so many but since they are no longer in style I have gotten rid of a majority of them because they had their moment and now it is over. Good places to follow the trends for the year, the season, etc. are Pinterest, fashion magazines such as Vogue, and keeping up to date with big designer’s ready to wear collections like Christian Siriano.

Sometimes it's time to move on and let go of some old clothes. Good luck clearing out your wardrobes and making room for some fun new clothes for living our best lives for summer 2020! Xoxo