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‘Sko Vote! Rally on Campus Featured Bernie Sanders and Other Powerful Voices

“Fear is contagious, but so is hope.”

This statement rang out across Farrand Field on Oct. 24th as the Colorado Democratic party hosted one of the first in a series of rallies held across the state. The cause: promoting democratic candidates like Jared Polis and Joe Neguse— both of whom spoke during the event– as well as encouraging the youth vote, something that has been relatively lacking in recent years.

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US Senator Michael Bennet kicked off the day’s presentation, speaking largely about the importance of voting during this turbulent election season. He, along with other candidates, highlighted the lack of voter turnout in recent midterm and general elections, specifically in registered voters under 30. “Do you have any doubt why Washington is so screwed up if 89 percent of the people voting are over 30?” Bennet asked the crowd filled with young college students.

Neguse reiterated that statement, adding that young voters are one of the least represented groups in Congress. As a 34-year-old running for a seat in the Senate, he wishes to put a fresh face on politics and influence policies for the new generation.

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Other speakers highlighted important issues bound to arise with the new congressional and judicial makeup, including women’s rights and issues facing LGBT and minority citizens. Jared Polis, a Democratic candidate running for Governor, stressed how important it is to prioritize people over policies, something he claims his opponent is not willing to do. “I think Coloradans have had too much of that kind of so-called divisive rhetoric and so-called leadership…” Polis said to applause. “You know, bold leadership means not being afraid to stand up to the special interests.”

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Sanders was then greeted to the stage after thunderous chants of “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” He began by congratulating Colorado on the steps the state has made towards progress in recent years, most notably the legalization of marijuana and a higher minimum wage “–but we’ve got to get it to $15.”

Over his 30 minutes stage, he spoke to both the credentials of this elections’ Democratic candidates as well as the issues caused by our current elected officials. Sanders’ took this time to call out Trump for being a “pathological liar” who makes promises only for the sake of elections, including his claims that he would fight for better health care during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

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In his final statements, Senator Sanders asked the crowd to do more than just vote in the next two weeks. “I’m asking you to reach out to your friends, to your co-workers, to your family members and drag them to the polls.”

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