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Don’t ask me how it exactly happened, but freshman year of college I found that I had an abundance of fun socks without having even put any thought into this collection. I became a funky sock connoisseur essentially overnight. It started off by simply working funky socks into my day-to-day wardrobe, but pretty soon I was running an Instagram account and posting new socks every week for “Funky Sock Friday.” Funky Sock Friday may seem like a trivial occasion, but it provides me with routine and gives me something to look forward to each week. Plus, it makes it easier for people to shop for me by adding to my collection. Each sock—each picture—exudes a certain persona. So, I scavenged through my array of funky sock photos and I present you with the zodiac signs as funky socks.


Aries are notoriously bold and ambitious. They never shy away from a challenge and do everything they do with full confidence. So here’s a bold picture that screams Aries. Note: the risk, the effortlessness, the confidence.


Taurus is focused and resilient, but at the end of the day they like to be treated like royalty, pampered and put at ease. What better way to relax than a beachside vacation?


Gemini’s curious and social nature is often overlooked and instead they are misinterpreted as being two-faced. But don’t worry, I know the truth. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but we all know dogs are just as curious and effortlessly social. So go out! Share a hot dog, make a friend!


Cancers: the most emotionally aware and communicative of the zodiac world. Sphynx cats: the dogs of the cat world, proving to be social and wildly compassionate. Mildly type-A, Sphynx cats exemplify the advanced dynamic found within Cancers.


Regal, passionate and driven—all excellent words to describe the Leo. They should be treated like the royalty they are, even if that means being carried atop a statue’s shoulders looking out upon their kingdom. Plus, look at that ease, that confidence! Incredible.


Notorious for being perfectionists, but always open to improvement and eager to please, Virgos would probably play it safe with this type of photoshoot. Clearly orchestrated, but a safe favorite.


Living to please, Libras seek balance in every aspect of life and have no difficulty navigating any situation. Cute with a little underlying spice, peach emoji socks are a Libra move.


Incredibly dynamic in finding a medium between emotional, calculated and a little power-hungry, Scorpios are all about climbing the ladder—or tree—to success.


Known to be a little bit of a know it all at times, Sagittariuses are adaptable and all-in-all, a wild ride. Driven by wanderlust, what better feat than to travel to outer space beyond the cosmos?


Though they can come off as cold at times, Capricorns are focused, goal-oriented and wildly optimistic. With this picture marking the jump into the new year, Capricorns know exactly what they want to achieve and are determined to do so.


Aquariuses despise authority and while they seek change, their stubborn and independent nature makes them arrogant in the best way possible. Doesn’t this picture just scream defiant?


Known for their ability to form strong relationships with incredible ease, Pisces’ kind and gentle nature can also leave them very vulnerable. Possibly even… easy to scare.

Hopefully, these photos encompass your zodiac energy. If not, check out @sock.my.world on instagram and see which sock you identify most with. #tgifsf (thank god it’s funky sock friday)

Stay funky, 


Megan Grote

CU Boulder '21

Megan is currently a senior at CU Boulder, graduating December 2020, pursuing a double major in Communication and Chinese, and minoring in Information Science. Originally from Virginia, Megan grew up overseas in Qatar and loves learning about people and their experiences with the world. Her passions include all things ocean and space related, animals, and introducing others to the curative powers of funky socks.
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