The Shutdown is Over- So Now What?

The Executive branch has finally decided to re-open the government for the next three weeks. Sounds like great news, right?

Image from Politico.

While this is certainly better than the standstill many faced as a result of the shutdown, things are not exactly peachy-keen. The federal workers who were deemed “essential employees” will be paid, though it is unclear how soon that paycheck will come. Many of these workers, suffering from the lack of a steady income, left their jobs in the meantime, leaving positions like TSA agents open and causing mass delays in travel. This could also result in longer waits for tax returns. Those who applied for unemployment during this time will also be asked to reimburse all the money they received, according to USA Today.

In all, the estimated cost of the shutdown has accrued to approximately $6 billion.

Yeah, you read that right.

Image from The Market Oracle.

In addition to the chaos this shutdown has caused, President Trump has announced that he will shut down the government once again if he is not provided money for his wall within these next three weeks.

Image from The Source Magazine.

During this time, both parties have come to the agreement that other issues must be addressed amidst executive pressure for increased border security. Republican Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa stated in response to these issues, “It’s time to look at bipartisan solutions and work to turn them into law.”

Image from Bloomberg.

For now, we must work with what we have. And hope. Hope a lot.