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Scary movies to get you in the mood for Halloween

Too often in college, Halloween means costumes, parties and excessive drinking. We can sometimes forget the true purpose of Halloween, which is to feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin and slightly on edge. These movies are sure to get you scared and feeling spooky this Halloween.


This movie follows a family mouring the loss of their secretive grandma, with supernatural occurances pulling the family farther and farther apart. This movie is truly terrifying and has lots of hidden meanings and easter eggs hidden throughout. You might have to watch more than once to understand the film, but you’ll be glad you did with this entertaining thriller.

The Descent

What makes this movie so terrifying is how realistic it is, especially for those that live in Colorado amd consider themselves outdoor types. The movie follows a group of female cave divers as they literally make their descent into a cave, finding themselves lost and trapped inside. Warning, this movie is gruesome but also action packed with plenty of jump-scares.

The Shining

This is a horror movie classic, and was inspired by the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. Stanely Kubricks meticulous directing makes this film a treat to watch. The movie follows a family moving to Colorado and staying in an empty hotel over the winter. Viewers get to watch as the husband Jack slowly descends into madness and reality falls apart around the family.


Directed by Ari Aster, who also directed Hereditary, this movie focuses on a girl mourning a horrible tragedy who deciedes to travel to a remote town in Sweden for their Midsommar festival with her boyfriend. Cult shenanigans ensues, and viewers watch as her toxic relationship falls to pieces. This film proves that horror movies don’t have to take place in the dark to be terrifying.

Have a great and safe Halloween!

Katie Bursack

CU Boulder '20

Katie is a senior who loves good vegan food, cute cats, and being outside in the gorgeous Colorado weather.
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