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Safety First: Five Products to Stay Safe in Your Home

When my roommates and I moved into our ground-floor apartment, we knew it came with a certain level of risk. While we all knew it was not the safest option, it was our last and only option. Lo and behold, just a few months later we found ourselves in need of some extra safety precautions after several disturbing police reports and dangerous encounters of our own in our neighborhood. As young women living on our own, it is important to be informed of current disturbances in our neighborhoods and to be prepared to confront them on our own if necessary. Here are the five products my roommates and I purchased to stay alert and safe in our home. 

  1. The Door Buddy 

These iron rods are strong, sturdy, and virtually indestructible. They work by being placed under your door handle and leveraged against the floor. This prevents anyone from being able to enter your home, even if they manage to unlock the door. These are also great tools to bring with you to a hotel room on your next solo trip to make sure that even people with key cards can’t swipe in your space. 

  1. Wasp Spray

We chose to purchase several cans of wasp spray to keep in our cars and bedside tables. Wasp spray is much stronger than pepper spray and will be a longer-lasting deterrent. While the effects of pepper spray wear off quickly and without medical attention, someone who is deterred with wasp spray must seek medical attention to stop the effects. Additionally, these canisters will only expel the spray in the direction that you point it, while pepper spray tends to dissipate across entire areas, putting yourself at risk along with your attacker. 

  1. A Taser

Tasers and other weapons are incredibly risky to keep in the home, so please be sure to do your research before making this purchase. Self-defense experts often explain that using a taser can be incredibly risky as an attacker may be able to overpower you and then use your weapon against you. The taser linked above has anti-grab technology that shocks anyone who attempts to grab the taser from you. If you choose to purchase a taser, do your research and please be aware of the dangers, risks, and reliability of these weapons.

  1. A Baseball Bat 

These are the easiest weapons to purchase to keep your mind at ease in your home. My roommates and I each have a bat in our rooms with a tube sock secured on the top of it. The sock is to ensure an attacker will not be able to grab onto the bat, steal it, and use it against us. If someone grabs on, the tube sock slips off and they have no grip on the weapon itself. 

  1. Security Cameras

We have installed several security cameras around the outside of our home to record any crime that might occur. These have been an effective and efficient deterrent for us, and they have helped us build a case with our local police. Having a description of an individual or evidence of a crime will force authorities to take action in your neighborhood. 

While it is an incredibly sad reality, women on college campuses are in constant danger of various crimes and injustices. It is important to be aware and prepared. If you are experiencing or have experienced crime on the CU campus, do not hesitate to reach out to the Boulder Police Department, the Campus Police Department, and The Office of Victim’s Assistance for support. We all deserve to feel safe in our homes. Until the world is a more secure and equitable place, please take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.     

Alia Davis

CU Boulder '23

Alia is the Director of Outreach and a writer for Her Campus CU Boulder. She is a third year student majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. When she isn't writing articles, she can typically be spotted on a run, watching Wes Anderson films, or re-reading Dune.
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