Returning From Spring Break, as Told by Michael Scott

Returning From Spring Break as Told by Michael Scott:


Hello to my Boulder people! Welcome back from spring break, as many of you know we have only 24 more day until finals (gross) and beloved summer break (yay!). So as we jump start into our last month of school I’ve decided to go ahead and make a GIF article describing how we all feel about going back to classes this morning.


Waking up for your first class


Sitting through classes


Hoping you’ve submitted all of your assignments


Eating School meals...again


Catching up with your gang


Looking at your GPA


Realizing how many assignments you have due next week


Working on your assignments


 Seeing the guy you like (but have never talked to)


Realizing you're almost done with the semester


I hope you enjoyed this distraction from your responsibilities and laughed a little bit!