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Rating Valentine’s Day Chocolates from Safeway

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The short-lived Valentine’s Day candy section that resides in every supermarket for the first two weeks of February has a wide variety of options; ranging from popular name-brand candy that has been put in pink packaging to the heart-shaped boxes of various chocolates that only appear around Valentine’s Day. To go against the popular “Forrest Gump” quote, this article will help you figure out what you’re gonna get.

Elmer Chocolate

Elmer Chocolate comes in last on the list as my least favorite of the variety that I picked. A small heart-shaped box with a superhero on the front, this chocolate gets a 5/10 for presentation. It is cute but a little unimaginative.

Within the box, there are five different types of chocolates: coco truffle, strawberry crème, orange crème, caramel, and chocolate caramel. The chocolates were decent, however, the flavoring was artificial and overall they tasted pretty cheap. While the orange crème and coco truffle were a step above the rest of the assortment, these chocolates were nothing special.

Queen Anne’s Cordial Cherries

Coming in at number five as far as the best chocolates on this list, Cordial Cherries are really either a hit-or-miss. They come in a red rectangular box, so the presentation isn’t necessarily eye-catching. However, the chocolates themselves are fairly good (as long as you like cherries of course). The fruity flavor is delicious, however the syrup-y taste of the filling can be a bit overpowering. I personally like them, but the immense sweetness makes it difficult to have several in a row. This chocolate is great if you know you like it, but if you’re buying it for a loved one and are unsure of their taste, it might be better to go with a safer option.

Whitman’s Sampler Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment

Whitman’s Sampler is nearly identical to the Russell Stover version (they are owned by the same company). However, there are some differences between the two. Vanilla crème, strawberry crème, caramel, and nut caramel are all present in this assortment. The same chocolates are also included in the Russell Stover box, along with a few others. 

The chocolates are presented nicely in a cute heart-shaped box, and they are decent pieces of candy. One observation is that the chocolates in this box are less chewy and generally a little easier to eat than in the Russell Stover box. The thing that sets these chocolates behind Russell Stover is that they are less flavorful and taste slightly more artificial.

Russell Stover Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment

Having the same four candies as in the Whitman’s box, this assortment also contains peanut cluster chocolate and chocolate buttercream, leading to a greater variety. The box itself is a red heart-box, and while the design is more plain, I find the simplicity of it more appealing. 

The candy itself is good. It is flavorful and follows along with what you would expect from the name. The chocolate is chewier and a little more difficult to eat, but the variety and flavor is more high-quality. Some of the chocolates may be weird to people with a select taste or picky eaters, so it may be better to go with chocolate that is a little less “gourmet.” 

Reese’s, Hersheys, and Kit Kat Assortment

This assortment of chocolates is less special than some of the others but still a great choice. The box itself is heart-shaped but overall pretty typical, and the cardboard of the box makes it easy to be susceptible to the wear and tear of transport, so watch out. 

Within this box are individually wrapped Kit-Kats, peanut butter cups, and Hershey’s bars. The Hershey’s bars are the only ones with Valentine’s related wrapping, so the contents are pretty run-of-the-mill. Despite the simplicity of this assortment, these candies are incredibly popular year-round, so they are generally a safe bet if you are unsure of what type of candy someone wants. 

Orange crème or nut caramel chocolates certainly aren’t for everyone, so this assortment is perfect for the less adventurous chocoholics. 


The presentation of the Ghirardelli box was by far my favorite. The cute purple and gold box with flowers on the front really adds to the Valentine’s Day experience, and the chocolates themselves being individually wrapped hearts makes them cute and also easy to share.

There were two different flavors of chocolate within this box: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel and Milk Chocolate Caramel. Both were delicious, with a perfect combination of chocolate and caramel. Overall, this box is a 10/10 and is definitely worth the fact that it is a bit pricier than the others.

The best box of chocolate from this bunch is subjective, so take my chocolate opinions with a grain of salt. But if you feel overwhelmed by the choices in the Safeway Valentine’s aisle, Ghirardelli or Reese’s, Hershey’s, and Kit-Kats are perfect gifts to make someone feel loved on this holiday. That includes yourself! There is no shame in buying yourself some chocolate and having a low-key Valentine’s Day.

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