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Ranking The Men In New Girl By How Feminist They Are

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Let’s expose the men that have lived in or passed through apartment 4D and see just how much they are contributing to the feminist movement.

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16. Kyle

Starting at the bottom of the list, we have Kyle, Cece’s boyfriend from Season 1 of the show. Not only did he cheat on Cece, but he made numerous racist comments toward her. The furthest thing from intersectional feminism I’ve seen!

15. Benjamin

Such a pretentious douchebag! He walks around flaunting his riches thinking that he’s God’s gift to women, and then throws himself at Jess and expects her to enjoy it. Gross. 

14. Paul Genzlinger

Ah, Genzlinger. Your typical “nice guy.” To put this in perspective, he goes on his first date with Jess on Thanksgiving, and by December 23, he buys her tickets to Venice and tells her he loves her. All of that within a month…talk about love bombing. Not to mention, he later hooked up with Jess without telling her he was already engaged (to a girl that looks exactly like her by the way) and expects Jess to help him fix it. No wonder his wife eventually leaves him and he ends up working as a birthday party clown.

13. Remy the Landlord

While he never did anything overtly misogynistic, he gave off a really creepy vibe following his messy divorce. The drawing he keeps of himself and his ex-wife is also weird and disturbing. And I don’t trust anyone who ferments their own alcohol in a cellar. 

12. Outside Dave

He’s not anti-feminist, but he also spent all of his time outside and none of it was spent advocating for women’s rights. If he wanted to, he would’ve. 

11. Coach

While Coach eventually progresses closer to the top of the list after getting together with May, he begins his appearance on the show with a lot of internalized misogyny. Following his breakup with Malia, he encourages Nick to be objectifying and rude to Jess. He is also shamelessly an enthusiastic patron of the local strip club. 

10. Schmidt

He’s openly republican, campaigned for Trump, and cheated on two women which definitely puts him on the lower end of the list. But then he makes a complete turnaround and names his daughter after RBG, putting his net feminism score at about 0. 

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9. Russell Shiller 

Capitalism directly perpetuates female oppression and enforces toxic gender roles. Hold the 1% accountable (that’s you, Russ). 

8. Sam Sweeney

Okay, so he expects Jess to engage in casual, no-strings-attached sex, and then when she says she wants something more, he leaves. But then 2 months later, he follows her to every Christmas party she goes to in order to win her back. It’s not as romantic as he thinks it is and is actually much more stalkerish. 

7. Nick Miller

He’s not not a feminist. He’s just Nick Miller. That’s all I have to say. 

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6. Shivrang

He’s so respectful to Cece that he didn’t even correct her when she was pronouncing his name wrong for the entire first part of their relationship. 

5. Robby

An amazing boyfriend to Cece, continuously respectful and considerate. However, he gets a few points knocked off for stalking Cece on her dates after their breakup. 

4. Ryan Geauxinue

He taught his dyslexic sister how to read… Come on. 

3. Tran

He doesn’t speak so he never takes away from the voices of women. A true ally to the movement!!

2. Bearclaw

He literally kicked down a bathroom stall door because he heard a man in there with a woman (Sam and Jess) and assumed she was in distress. More men need to take action like this. Everybody could learn a thing or two from Bearclaw. 

1. Winston Bishop

Obviously, Winston takes the #1 spot here. He always keeps the other guys in the loft in check and calls them out when they’re being anything less than feminist. And he listens to Wicked, a musical about two women finding friendship despite being pinned against each other. 

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Basically, the lesson here is that we all need to be more like Winny the Bish.

Morgan Fritzler

CU Boulder '26

Morgan is a sophomore at CU Boulder pursuing a double major in biochemistry and molecular biology with a certificate in neuroscience. As the co-chair of CU's Environmental Board, she is incredibly passionate about sustainability and environmental justice. She uses her Her Campus platform to publish articles, shining light on important feminist issues, climate justice, and other societal problems that are not often discussed in mainstream media. When she's not writing, articles, she spends her time thrifting, crafting, being outdoors, and playing the NYT spelling bee.