A Quick Weekend Trip to Salt Lake City

When COVID-19 upended some exciting travel plans, I turned to road trips to scratch my travel itch. After road tripping through the Southwest in June, I knew it was time to get back on the road. I planned a quick trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and was incredibly surprised by all the city and state had to offer in just a few days (it made me need more!). Here’s is a round-up of some of the fun things I saw.  

  1. 1. Park City/Utah Olympic Park

    Like, the Olympics were actually here. Only eight cities in the U.S. have hosted the Olympics, and when the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics rolls around, it will have been 26 years since the Winter Games were held in Salt Lake City at the Utah Olympic Park. I saw skiers practicing off several different jumps (into pools and blow-up slides), and even some of the medals and other memorabilia in their exhibit. It was incredibly easy to access, and it was cool to have the giant ski jumps in the background of our drives and stay in Park City! 

  2. 2. Bridal Veil Falls 

    On the way from Park City to Provo, the Bridal Veil Falls is right off Highway 189 in Provo Canyon and is a beautiful spot for a quick photo op. I couldn't find this one on any of the travel sites I looked at, so thank you to my childhood friend and now SLC local Caroline for the recommendation!

  3. 3. Homestead Crater

    In the quaint town of Midway, there is a small but 55-foot deep Homestead Crater. Kind of like a hot spring, I peeked inside and saw several groups learning to snorkel, scuba dive, and swim in this warm crater. I then climbed some stairs to the top of the crater, which rises to about 55 feet out of the ground, to look down into it. 

  4. 4. The Up House

    As a Disney fan (duh), the Up House in Herriman, Utah is such a hidden gem. The house is a replica of Carl’s dream one in Pixar’s movie “Up”, with permission from the Walt Disney Company to build this custom home. Since it is a private property, I only snapped a few photos, but you are able to book a photo session both outside and/or inside. See more on the Up House website or Instagram.

  5. 5. Bonneville Salt Flats

    The Bonneville Salt Flats are a natural wonder well worth the over-hour drive. It’s really right off the highway, with a few highway stops to pull off. The Bonneville Speedway is home to several large races each year, and the flats boast the record for the land speed record. You can drive your car along a blue line until suddenly it stops and it’s pretty much an open road. No speed limits!

  6. 6. University of Utah

    The University of Utah is situated on top of a large hill east of the city, and honestly, I loved it. I drove around some of the campus and was surprised at the modern buildings, huge campus layout, and even some of the off-campus and Greek housing. Go Utes!  

  7. 7. Utah State Capitol

    The Utah State Capitol is also somewhat situated up high by itself. With a huge lawn in the front and some other monuments and park spots around the area, I really enjoyed being near the capitol (especially during golden hour!). We witnessed several photoshoots and groups picnicking and enjoying the sunset from this high point in the city. 

Overall, Salt Lake’s culture was vibrant, even during COVID. Park City, Provo, and even driving out to the Nevada border were also fun and had lots of spots along the driving legs. The mix of  Mormon influence and history, college campuses, and outdoorsy activities made for a fantastic two days in the Beehive State. I will definitely be back!