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A Pumpkin Spice Latte for the Coffee Haters

If you’ve seen previous articles by me, perhaps you’ve noticed my avid aversion to coffee. But whenever fall rolls around, I can’t help but feel some FOMO as Starbucks’ iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte makes its annual debut. (Also, can we acknowledge that they keep pushing fall up closer and closer each year? Like, I get the profits, but respect the seasons, you know?)  For those of you who relate, fear not, for there are non-coffee alternatives that will still leave you feeling warm and fuzzy but without the coffee breath.

Source // Working Solutions

Allow me to introduce you to the pumpkin spice creme latte (or frappuccino if you want to go to the colder side)!

Source // Cheat Sheet

When I first tried it a couple of years back, it was so sickeningly sweet. It just tasted like milk, sugar, and a little dash of fall spices. However, I am happy to say the recipe has evolved over the years, and Starbucks has perfected it.

Source // Wide Open Eats

Note: It still is on the sweeter side, but it’s a basic seasonal drink so don’t be too surprised. If you prefer things less on the sweet side, just make sure to express that to the barista and they can go light on the syrup. After all, you can always add sugar but it’s a lot harder to take it away without botching the whole drink.

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Something I feel not many people are aware of is that you can also ask for creme-based versions of all other fall and holiday lattes. Looking to venture out to the gingerbread latte? Go for it. Eggnog latte? Why not! So whether you’re doing a caffeine detox, don’t enjoy coffee, or just want to venture out of your comfort zone, give the creme drinks a try!

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