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Public Transportation: The Key to Surviving Winter in Boulder

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… and so is the idea of exams around the corner. As the temperature begins to drop in Boulder, walking to class seems less and less appealing. However, we shouldn’t let the weather stop us from finishing this semester off strong.

Whether you are sick of bundling up, don’t have a car, or don’t want to walk home alone. Boulder has a lot of FREE transportation options for you which you can access from apps on your phone. So say goodbye to Uber and frostbite and hello to an escape from your dorm room with public transportation.


Your best option for transportation within CU’s campus. The Buff bus is your best option for traveling on campus. Look out for its extended hours during exam week. Additionally, on Thursdays and weekends, they offer Late Night Transit until 3 a.m.

The bus system in Boulder is the HOP, which is owned by the city of Boulder and the RTD is the bus system in Boulder and Denver. Key bus routes in Boulder are the SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, and the Dash. In order to use these busses, you must have your RTD college pass issues by CU.

There are numerous apps that help you plan your trip. You simply put in your location and your destination. The apps will direct you to the closest bus stop, how long it will take to walk there and when the next bus will leave. This is where you look to take the bus to Denver.

Some apps you can try: Transit, Swifty, Go Denver and Denver Transit


CU Nightride is a student-operated program that provides free night-time transportation. The service will pick up and drop off students anywhere they request in the Boulder area until 12:15 on weekdays and 1:15 on weekends. Be aware that wait requests can be rather long, so it’s best to think ahead.

Stay warm this exam season,


Rudy Joon

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