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Post-Election Detox

Election season is (pretty much) over and done with. No matter how you feel about the results, we’re all in need of some TLC. To get you started on that, here are some quotes to carry you through the day and a to-do list for the first day post-election.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Call your mom. Or your dad. Or your grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, best friends from your hometown. Talk to people, speak your mind, vent to your safe spaces.
  • Feel all the feelings. Cry if you need, spin in circles to lift your heart up, dance if you want to, blast music in your headphones, punch your pillow, hug your friends. Whatever you’re feeling, embrace it.
  • Read the facts. Where will our president-elect take us in the next four years? Educate yourself on his stances and plans for our country.
  • Spread love. Radiate love. Always, always, always.
  • Disconnect for a bit. Remove yourself from the media madness. For five minutes, ten minutes. Read a book. Meditate. Close your eyes and just be, without screens filling your mind with information that might not serve you.
  • Treat yourself. Buy an extra cup of coffee, you probably didn’t get much sleep. (I know I didn’t!) Eat some chocolate. Go pet some puppies.
  • Keep going. Do your homework, go for a run, hit the gym, get on your yoga mat, study at Norlin. Stay present, stay mindful, live purposefully.
  • Smile. At strangers, no matter if they’re wearing a Hillary or a Trump shirt. We’re all humans, we’re all in this together, kindness will overcome all. Pull your face out of your phone as you walk to class, take your headphones out, connect with humans today.
Caroline grew up on the East Coast, in Maryland, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying psychology and creative writing. Out of the lecture hall, she teaches vinyasa yoga at the CU Rec Center, enjoys a vegan lifestyle, acts as Recruitment Officer for Buffs for Reproductive Justice, is a member of Alpha Phi - Beta Gamma. You can find more of her journalism work over at TheTab CU Boulder.
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