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I used to only listen to music on my headphones, but now that I have discovered the world of podcasts my world has completely changed. You can listen to them while doing any task: working out, cleaning or walking to class. There are so many available for free on iTunes. Here, I have compiled a list of the ones I keep up with and listen to regularly.

The Joe Rogan Experience

One of the top most popular podcasts on iTunes, Joe Rogan’s long, in-depth style interviews are captivating and interesting. He talks to so many people in so many different fields like scientists, politicians, psychologists, comedians and athletes. He talks to people on all sides of the political spectrum and tries to keep an open and non-biased view on everything. Anyone interested in intellectual subjects and health and wellness is sure to find this podcast fascinating.

U Up?

The two hosts of the show—Jared and Jordana—provide both the male and female perspective on many topics in modern dating. They discuss navigating dating apps, awkward sexual encounters, things that are red flags or dealbreakers and answer listener questions. They keep the podcast entertaining, informative and relevant in the modern day of dating where finding the right person is both easier and harder than ever.

Call Her Daddy

This podcast is quickly becoming more viral and popular than ever. Two hilarious BFFs—Alex and Sophia—discuss everything sex-positive including navigating hook-ups, sex in long term relationships and tips to up your sex game and feel confident in the bedroom. They encourage women to be open about their sexuality and not care what other people think of them, and also to put their own pleasure first.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris has many interesting and in-depth discussions about our current poltical climate, atheism, theism and the involvment of technology in our lives (Facebook, Google and surveillance). He also is an advocate of meditation and mindfulness.

Have fun listening to endless hours of free entertainment! Have a great week and good luck on midterms.

Katie Bursack

CU Boulder '20

Katie is a senior who loves good vegan food, cute cats, and being outside in the gorgeous Colorado weather.
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