PINK Campus Team Applications

As some of you may or may not know CU Boulder is lucky enough to have the Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Representative Program on campus. CU Boulder has 2 representatives, Lauren Schwanke and myself, Alexis Morgan, for the 2017-2018 school year. While these two reps put in a lot of hard work throughout the year they hire a team of 8-10 girls to help with events and social media. If you want to be part of this awesome group keep reading for more details!




First, here is a little bit more detail on the program and exactly what the campus reps and team do. The PINK Campus Representatives and Team promote PINK products on campus through social media , community involvement and hosting a variety of events each semester. Our mission is to not only promote PINK products on campus, but to also help college girls build and maintain confidence in themselves. Throughout the year we will be hosting many events and partnering with other businesses. As you might remember last year we partnered with Pure Barre to help promote the new PINK athletic line. You can probably imagine how much work goes into these events, and that’s exactly why the PINK Campus Team is needed. The PINK Campus Team is hired based on semester, so one for Fall and one for Spring. Don’t worry though, if you are part of the team in the Fall you can still reapply to participate again in the Spring.





Purpose and positions

There are a few different positions that can be filled on the team. The positions are: Bra Specialist, Freshmen Liaison, Social Media Guru, Campus Outreach, Event Planner, Photographer, Pink Collegiate Collection Specialist (PCC Specialist), and Pink Nation Pro. Each of these positions are unique in their very own way. You can find a detailed description of each of the positions on the PINK Campus Team Application whose link is at the bottom of this article.


Pink Perks

As a member of the Pink Team you definitely will receive a few benefits for all of your hard work. You will be rewarded through small free gifts. From time to time we will have t-shirts or other PINK products to give to you. Each month, we will recognize a PINK Team Member of the month, based on their awesome hard work. This member will be featured on HerCampus and have an Instagram post to let people know how awesome they are doing.



Ideal pink member

The ideal PINK Campus Team member is someone who has a strong passion for fashion and PINK.  We want members who are dedicated and are willing to put in a few hours of work a week into the team. But aside from all the hard work, make sure you’re ready to have a great semester filled of fun and rewarding experiences.


The experiences you will have from being on the PINK Campus Team, are unique from any other organization. You will gain hands on experience from marketing on campus, planning events, and marketing through various social media platforms. The PINK Campus Representatives would love to have you as part of their Campus Team for Fall 2017. If you are interested in applying, click the link below. We look forward to hearing from you, good luck Buffs!