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On Monday I wanted to keep it casual for the first day and not wear anything too wild. I wore my favorite vintage Liz Claiborne jeans that I found at an estate sale (which, if you’re not on the wave of estate sales, you should be), a simple white tank top and a thrifted brown and white pinstripe button up. I paired this with my iconic Digital Pink Jordan 1 mids. Overall, this felt like a good outfit. I had the button up for when classrooms got a bit chilly, and I felt good in it.


On Tuesday I had the Her Campus meeting, so obviously I had to show up stunting for my girlies. I wore my favorite, albeit way too hot, Aritzia Melina vegan leather pants. I paired this with a different white tank top and a cheetah print button down. For shoes I switched it up to go with my pine green Jordan 1 highs. I liked how I looked in this outfit, but I did forget how hot the pants are and I was regretting this decision on my way to class.


Wednesday was a bit chilly, so I wore some tan corduroy pants, again a different white tank top (is anyone sensing a pattern here?) and a brown zebra print top. To hear me talk more about how I love zebra print, please refer to my last article linked here. This outfit got my beloved winter shoe of my blunnies. If you have been in Colorado longer than a year and you don’t have them, what are you doing?


Thursday is my really busy day so I wanted to keep my outfit pretty comfortable while still looking cute since it is the first week and all. I wore some light-colored khakis, a cropped t-shirt that has a funny old man on it, and a longer button down that is so so soft. This outfit got my Laser Orange Jordan 3’s. This was a good outfit for doing stuff all day because it was very comfortable and allowed for me to get things done without adjusting my clothing.


On Friday, I just have one class and it’s kinda an artsy class so I did want to show up ready for the fits everyone else would have. I wore zebra print flared pants, a t-shirt that has a picture of my dad when he was a baby on it, and my brand-new Syracuse (sorry, CU) Jordan 1 highs. (If Jordans or Nike want to sponsor me, I am available and ready to accept gifts.) I also do feel the need to shout out my brother who did buy me all of the shoes except the blunnies that I was wearing in these photos. Over the years I have accumulated many shoes from my birthday and Christmas.

Marita is a junior at CU and marketing major with a creative technology and design minor. She loves fashion, design and cooking. In her free time, she loves to go on walks and hang out with her bearded dragon, Walter!
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