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Opopop Popcorn: An Exciting and Unexpected Take on a Classic Snack

Popcorn has never tasted so good! Opopop Popcorn, well known for its hand in the Oscar Party gift bags, lives up to the hype. This popcorn comes in an array of new and exciting flavors, completely revolutionizing everyone’s long-time favorite snack. Popped in their dishwasher-safe silicone Popper, this popcorn surprises and amazes with every bite. Let’s dive into some of my favorite flavors. 

Lightly Salted

This flavor was technically a “Test Launch,” meant to make sure that the silicon bowl works well in the microwave, but it honestly did not disappoint! It was certainly a classic taste, but the way the popcorn melted in my mouth was a delectable experience. For just a first attempt with this popcorn, I was really amazed. I was even surprised to see how few kernels were left at the bottom of the bowl after popping. Perfect for a classic movie night or snack between classes, be sure to savor every bite! 

Fancy Butter

Opopop makes these classic flavors fun and exciting. Even the process of popping Opopop makes for a more pleasurable popcorn experience! The Fancy Butter really does taste high quality and, well, fancy. The popped kernels melt in your mouth and have the perfect butter to popcorn ratio, making the yummiest easy snack! 


If cinnamon rolls and popcorn had a baby – it would be the Cinnalicious pack, and I would adopt this baby in a heartbeat. This popcorn was perfect for my post-dinner movie. It had my apartment smelling like the mall Cinna-bon! It was the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Who says you can’t have popcorn for breakfast?

Maui Heat

As if this summer wasn’t hot enough! This spicy addition to the pack had my taste buds on fire in the best way possible. Dusted with spice but with a salty finish, this flavor blew me away! This flavor would be an awesome addition to watching the game or a scary movie. If you like a sweet heat, make sure the Maui Heat is on your list

Vanilla Cake Pop

Calling all sweet-tooth enthusiasts! This flavor was a fun twist on two of my favorite snacks! Not overly sweet and with just a hint of salt, this flavor made for yet another desert-y option. It smelled like I was baking a cake for days after I had popped this sample! Here, you can have your cake and eat it too: a sweet treat for a quarter of the calories! 


This flavor was the perfect mix of salt and spice. The cheesy start and spicy aftertaste made this popcorn a complete standout! This would be great for a snack at your picnic or a late night treat. A bit less spicy than the Maui Heat, this is a great option for those who want a little heat. 

Opopop makes these flavors and so many more! Try their new Wasabi flavor now, or order the Variety Show  to try the flavors reviewed above (trust me, you’ll want this one!). There’s so much to explore with Opopop, popcorn has never tasted so good!

Alia Davis

CU Boulder '23

Alia is the Director of Outreach and a writer for Her Campus CU Boulder. She is a third year student majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. When she isn't writing articles, she can typically be spotted on a run, watching Wes Anderson films, or re-reading Dune.
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