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The One Product Getting Me Through Finals Week

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

With finals week upon us and the added stress of seeing our family again for the holiday break, self-care is more important than ever. With that being said, when I saw this adorable Vancouver-based soy candle company, Mala the Brand, my over-worked mind was instantly at ease. I had one of those joyous moments pouring over the aesthetic brand that promised me comfort and relaxation. 

Mala the Brand

The one-woman led company (yay female-owned businesses!) makes handcrafted soy candles with adorable names like Cozy, Sundays, Cabin Fever, and Succulent. And even more adorably, Mala the Brand is sustainably conscious. They give discounts to customers who return their finished candles, and for every candle bought, they plant a tree in North America. Honestly, I can’t deal with how adorable and environment-friendly this company is. 

Mala the Brand

So, after drooling over their super aesthetic Instagram feed, I did what any Her Campus writer would do. I dm’ed the owner, Melody Lim, who kindly sent me two candles. Ladies and gentlemen, they got lost in the mail. I blame Boulder Property Management. My roommates blame USPS. The jury’s still out. So please, if you accidentally got some cute candles, tell me how you like them because I miss them dearly. 

Mala the Brand

Anyway, this gave me a chance to pick out my own cute candles and plant trees, so it was a blessing in disguise! All of them sounded so cute, I couldn’t pick. I bought Cereal, Date Night and Luna and then instantly refreshed my shipping notifications obsessively over the next few days.  Good news, I got them this time (I sent them to my best friend’s house instead)! 

Over the next few hours, I obsessively had all my friends, classmates and professors smell these candles. They’re just that good. Luna smells airy, and it transports me to an outdoor Shakespeare festival. Cereal smells exactly like nostalgia and fruit loops. Date Night smells better than any college date has ever gone. Honestly, just skip the date and keep smelling the candle, you’ll thank me later. 

Mala the Brand

These candles shattered all my expectations. They smell amazing and are giving me just the self-care I need to get through that text from your mom asking what your plans are for coming home, or that email from my professor reminding me about all the essays due before the final. I simply pause, light my candle, take a deep breath, and go to Netflix. A win-win. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, my professor reminded me about some late work, so I might just have to go buy three more, I can’t wait to try Cabin Fever and Sundays. 

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Louisa Brott

CU Boulder '20

Louisa Brott is a senior BFA student currently majoring in Cinema Production and minoring in French at the University of Colorado Boulder. In addition to HerCampus she is a Panhellenic woman at CU. Louisa hopes to one day direct a blockbuster film that focuses on the misrepresentation of gender in Hollywood films and hopes to create a production studio with a slide and a nap pod that sheds light on important social issues. You might see Louisa on campus pulling all-nighters in the ATLAS editing lab, or working at the Starbucks on the Hill. She has insider information about what Starbucks drinks to order and what to pass on. Moodboards, Chick Flicks and dogs are the way to her heart, and she won't complain if you happened to send her a Summer Fridays mask.
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