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Oliver Adams

Ladies, close your eyes for one moment- picture a man who is as dreamy as Indiana Jones, as rugged as Tarzan, and survival skills on par with the Bear Grylles… Now open! You were picturing the one and only Oliver Adams, a junior here at the University of Colorado. Oliver is what we like to call an “outdoorsman.” He is an experienced worldwide traveler, with a tantalizing soft side. He will fight a bear, then serenade you fireside with his guitar to calm you down. Oliver is a well-rounded young man. Not only he is studying environmental science AND business, he just returned from living with Navaho Indians and next semester he is off to Brazil!

So all you Jungle Janes, eat your heart out and meet the Oliver Adams:

Hometown: Manchester, Vermont
Major: Environmental studies and business
Favorite Band: Wood Brothers
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate, always.
Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp
Most attractive quality in a girl: Yoga-able. Bendy.
Least attractive quality in a girl: Loud
What would you cook a girl for the first date: Salmon, squash, zucchini and pilaf. MMMMMM.
Dream Job: Teaching sign language to orangutans
Doppleganger: Baby, I’m a chameleon
A phrase about your experience with the Navaho: Culture shock- a different world.
Favorite place you have ever visited: Talkeetina Mountains in Alaska.
Go-to drink: Whiskey ginger.

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