Notable Firsts to Come From the 2020 Elections

With a record-breaking voter turnout for the 2020 presidential election, this election brought about a multitude of firsts not only for many states, but also for the nation. Here are a few notable firsts worth celebrating.

  1. 1. United States, Joe Biden Breaks the Record for the Most Number of Votes Cast.

    Joe Biden smiling at outdoor event

    In this election, Joe Biden exceeded President Obama’s record for most votes ever cast for a presidential candidate with over 74 million votes.

  2. 2. United States, Kamala Harris is Elected as the Nation’s First Female Vice President.

    Kamala Harris speaking at an event in front of an American flag

    A big win for the United States and female power, Kamala Harris becomes the nation’s first Vice President-elect.

  3. 3. United States, Record-Breaking Six Native American Representatives Elected to Congress.

    With 13 candidates competing for House seats, a record-setting SIX Native American representatives are elected into office. Sharice Davids won reelection in Kansas, native Hawaiian Kaiali'i Kahele defeated his Republican challenger in his home state, Oklahoma has two victories with Tom Cole and Representative Markwayne Mullin both earning office, and Debra Haaland and Yvette Herrell win New Mexico!

  4. 4. United States, Sarah McBride is the Highest Ranking Transgender Public Official.

    Democratic candidate, Sarah McBride becomes the highest-ranking transgender public official after winning Delaware this election.

  5. 5. California, San Diego is Now America’s Largest City to Elect and Openly Gay Man, Todd Gloria, as Mayor.

    Todd Gloria is elected mayor of San Diego, making the California city the largest city in the United States to elect an out gay man as mayor. As if that wasn’t enough of a win, he describes himself as the states’ first ‘Native American-Filipino-Latino-LGBT Assemblyman’.

  6. 6. Delaware, Madinah Wilson-Anton Becomes Delaware’s First Muslim Legislator.

    Democratic candidate, Madinah Wilson-Anton became Delaware’s first practicing Muslim legislator in history.

  7. 7. Nevada, First State to Constitutionally Protect Same-Sex Marriage.

    woman, lgbt, lgbtq, flag, rally

    After a two-thirds majority vote, Nevada has achieved a massive win in becoming the first state to formally protect LGBTQ+ marriages under constitutional law.

  8. 8. New Mexico, First State to Elect All Women of Color in the House of Representatives.

    Come 2021, New Mexico will become the first state to be entirely represented by women of color in the House of Representatives. Congratulate Debra Haaland of the Pueblo Tribe, Yvette Herrell of the Cherokee Nation, and Teresa Leger Fernandez for the momentous win!

  9. 9. Oklahoma, Mauree Turner Becomes First Non-Binary State Lawmaker in the United States and First Muslim Elect for Oklahoma’s State House.

    Mauree Turner makes history by becoming Oklahoma’s first non-binary state lawmaker as well as the first Muslim in Oklahoma’s State House

  10. 10. Vermont, Taylor Small is First Transgender State Legislator in Vermont.

    Democratic representative, Taylor Small is Vermont’s first transgender state legislator.

  11. 11. Washington, Marilyn Strickland is the First Black Representative from Washington State and First Korean American Congresswoman for the Nation.

    Former Tacoma Mayor, Marilyn Strickland, takes the win as Washington State’s first black representative, as well as the nation’s first Korean American Congresswoman.

Whether you’re happy about the outcome of the election or are still apprehensive about what this means for America, you can’t deny the impact of this election and what these firsts mean for so many people. 2020 was rough, so let’s celebrate every milestone!