New York for a Weekend: A Style Recap

So I had the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to go to New York! I found out a week and a half before had to leave and so I had to scramble to put together three perfect outfits ready for the fashion-forward streets of New York. I had a plane ride outfit, a fashionable day two outfit and an outfit for the fashion show. I couldn’t have done it without Pinterest, H&M, Forever 21 American Eagle, and Lizard Thicket so a huge shoutout to them!

  1. 1. Day One: Plane and Time Square

    My plane outfit consisted of a pair of pants from American Eagle, a tube top from Target that was only six dollars and brand new Adidas that I got from TJ Maxx for $30. It was so comfy and I definitely slept the whole plane ride while also being fashionable enough to hit the streets of New York right after!

  2. 2. Day Two: Soho and a Night on the Town

    Day two was the day to be fashionable since we spend the whole day visiting and exploring New York, starting with a morning in Soho, making our way up to Central Park and spending the evening downtown walking around Madison Avenue and taking pictures. This outfit consisted of a bodysuit and jacket form Forever 21, the skirt from Lizard Thicket, and booties from TJ Maxx from last year.

  3. 3. Day 3: The Fashion Show!

    For the day of the fashion show, I originally packed two outfits, one to wear during the day for brunch and shopping, and another to change into for the show. I decided to just wear my show outfit all day because it was cute, stylish and could be transformed into a night look by adding a dark lipstick. I had a trendy cheetah print dress from H&M, a moto jacket from my closet, and the Adidas from the first day, giving it a trendy day-wear vibe. 

New York was such a life-changing experience and I was so lucky to be able to go and express my style in the city of fashion. Catch me repeating these outfits in Boulder and being as trendy as possible after this experience!