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New Music Roundup – Lady Gaga, Jeremy Zucker, and more

Every week, we bring you our staff picks for freshly-cooked hits or songs that we can’t just take off repeat. New or old, these are the songs we’ve been listening to this week. To check out the full playlist, click here.

“Love You For A Long Time” – Maggie Rogers

Near the end of her 2019 tour, Maggie Rogers gifted us with this soft rock melody that I can’t help but dance to. The NYU grad explained that she meant for the song to sound “as wild and alive as new love feels.” This single followed her debut album Heard It In A Past Life, which is also a must-listen. Since its release, Rogers received a well deserved Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Stream “Love You For A Long Time” now! — Jaden

“not ur friend” – Jeremy Zucker

Singer-songwriter and Colorado College alum Jeremy Zucker has been releasing constant content over the past year, “not ur friend” being the latest single he’s released in anticipation of his upcoming debut album love is not dying. The flippant, carefree vibes of the single encourage listeners to move on from a bad relationship. Zucker worked with Swedish producer Max Martin to create the track and describes the track as a “fun, matter of fact song about cutting a toxic person out of your life.” — Tiara

“Dinosaurs in Love” – Fenn Rosenthal

A couple of months ago, little four year old Fenn (with the help of her singer/songwriter father Tom) wrote an adorable tune following the brief love story of two dinosaurs. Fenn’s eloquent lyrics will transport you to prehistoric times where dinosaurs go about their days having parties and “eating fruit and cucumber.” The giggly toddler ends the song with a rather tragic conclusion that you won’t believe, unless you’ve seen a National Geographic or… I don’t know, picked up a history book in the past millennia. All in all, a joy to listen to! — Jaden

“Stupid Love” – Lady Gaga

Last seen in the hit film “A Star is Born,” Lady Gaga is back in the world of pop music! Released on February 28th, “Stupid Love” is the first single on Gaga’s upcoming album Chromatica (coming April 10th). Some think that this song is Gaga returning back to her roots of dance-pop music, and the music video is completely in line with that. Gaga said that her goal for this upcoming album is to “become part of her fans’ daily lives” and “make them happy every single day.” — Anna

“On” – BTS

BTS, the seven-member South Korean boy group, just released their newest album Map of The Soul: 7. “On” is the title track and has a fast-paced drumbeat, melodic bridge and stunning music video. If you haven’t listened to BTS yet, honestly what are you doing with your life? They also just appeared as guests on two popular late-night shows, including James Corden’s hit segment “Carpool Karaoke” and Jimmy Fallon’s show where they participated in the “Subway Olympics” and performed “On” at Grand Central Terminal. — Oriel

“The Other Side” – SZA & Justin Timberlake

Okay yes, this song is from the upcoming movie “Trolls: World Tour,” but it actually slaps. Released on February 26th, SZA & Justin Timberlake sing on this funky and upbeat single for the movie’s soundtrack. Both artists were thrilled to work together on this track, and they released a futuristic music video to go along with it. SZA says there “is an energy you can feel in the song and music video.” Check it out below, and maybe even go see the movie… — Anna

Come back next week to hear what new songs we just can’t stop listening to!

Anna Hansil

CU Boulder '22

Anna is a sophomore at CU Boulder! Her hobbies include singing, playing with dogs, painting, and being outside. She is majoring in Voice Performance and Music Education, and is originally from Roswell, Georgia.
Tiara Stephan

CU Boulder '20

Tiara is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder double majoring in Psychology and Political Science. Outside of being one of the senior editors for CU Boulder's Her Campus chapter, she writes for the Music Desk of 303 Magazine, is involved in Alpha Phi Omega - Gamma Theta Chapter, a co-ed community service fraternity, and is a co-founder of Mixed CU, an organization dedicated to students with multicultural backgrounds. When Tiara's not studying or working, she can very frequently be found drinking copious amounts of English Breakfast Tea, talking about how incredulous dictionaries are, watching Saturday Night Live sketches, eating pho, and trying to convince herself that she can't just buy a plane ticket to Europe.
Oriel Voegele

CU Boulder '23

Oriel is currently a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder double majoring in Psychology and Strategic Communication double minoring in Women and Gender Studies and Business. When she’s not doing homework you can find her reading cute books way past her bedtime, watching romcoms with a facemask on, or being overly competitive at Monopoly and Mario Kart.
Jaden Harris

CU Boulder '23

Jaden is a 19 year old Philosophy major from The Woodlands, Texas. You can find her in rehearsal for her latest show, or eating jalapeno cheddar chips while binging Say Yes to the Dress.
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