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Podcasts are the background music to my life. They are an addiction of mine. I listen in the car, the shower, or while completing tasks. I’m pretty much listening to a podcast 24/7, and I have a variety of different shows that I enjoy daily. These are my favorites at the moment:

“The Morning Toast”
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

Although I am not crazy about pop culture, the two hosts Claudia and Jackie Oshry, break down the latest pop culture news in an entertaining way. Claudia is a comedian and brings a humorous touch to every episode. They also have a dear toasters advice segment every Wednesday to answer people’s questions they write in. Their advice is always outstanding. I highly recommend this podcast for a daily laugh as it’s released Monday through Friday morning.

“How I Built This With Guy Raz”

Guy Raz interviews different entrepreneurs in each episode. Through his interviewing process, he gets them to explain their inspirational stories of how they built their businesses and got to the point where they are today. He’s interviewed anyone and everyone from Norma Kamali to the founder of Shake Shack.

“The Balanced Blonde/ Soul on Fire”

If you are interested in health and wellness or spirituality, this podcast is for you. Jordan Younger dives deep into the spiritual world from her interviews with different people in the wellness space. Anywhere from crystals and kundalini yoga to her journey of how she made it in the blogging world. She has interviewed some significant influencers in the spiritual world—for example, Gabby Bernstein or the founder of “MindBodyGreen”.

“Sold In America”

Noor Tagouri dives deep into the world of sex trafficking in the United States in her seven-episode series. She opened my eyes to another side of sex trafficking I wasn’t previously aware of. Each episode explores different sides of sex workers in the United States and will completely change your opinion on this topic for the better.

“The Betches SUP Podcast”

This podcast focuses on current news. It’s released Monday through Friday; as the hosts break down the information, they make it entertaining and somewhat humorous. When I’m listening to this podcast, I sometimes feel like I’m a part of their conversation, which is great if you need a quick and easy way to hear what’s going on in today’s world.

I highly recommend any of these podcasts if you’re searching for a new show. If you’re not a podcast listener these are also some great ways to begin your obsession too!

Taylor Gurtman

CU Boulder '24

Taylor is a freshman at CU Boulder and is majoring in journalism. Besides writing articles, Taylor enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and laughing with her friends.
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