My Favorite Juicing Recipes

What does a girl on a gut cleanse do when she works at Whole Foods and has a slow pressed juicer? She plays mixologist.

When I was a freshman in high school, my parents introduced me to juicing after watching a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” The documentary follows Joe Cross, an overweight man suffering from an autoimmune disease who embarks on a 60-day juice cleanse in order to regain control of his health. My parents were so inspired by Joe’s transformation that they purchased a Hurom slow-pressed juicer and began incorporating fruit and vegetable juices into their diets. As of this summer, my parents upgraded to a newer Hurom juicer and passed down the older one to me. If you’re thinking about juicing, and are unsure of yummy blends, here are my top favorites! 

  1. 1. “Cool-cumber”

    Cucumber Slice

    - Three stalks Celery

    - One to two Green Apples

    - Two leaves of Kale 

    - One-half a Cucumber

    - One to two Limes

    - Handful of Mint

    - Coconut water 

  2. 2. “Dem Beets Though”


    - Three loose Carrots

    - One to two Beets (depending on how big they are)

    - One to two Honeycrisp Apples

    - One Orange 

    - One-sixth Ginger Root

    - Coconut water 

  3. 3. “TGC” (Total Gut Cleanse)

    Meredith Kress-Pineapple

    - Four to six stalks Celery 

    - One-third cup Frozen Pineapple 

  4. 4. “Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia”

    - 10 Strawberries

    - 10 Raspberries 

    - One Cucumber 

    - One lime

    - Two tbsp Chia Seeds

 These recipes are 100% created by me from my little kitchen in Boulder, CO. Happy juicing! ​