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My Favorite Affordable and Sustainable Products

Whenever I go on social media, there’s always something new regarding sustainable products and doing what we can to help the environment. While I’m all for it, using all sustainable products is not feasible for everyone since they can get pricey. Whenever I buy a reusable/sustainable item, I always look at it as an investment and start small before I purchase more. I’ve also linked similar Etsy products (to support smaller businesses) if I couldn’t find the original product.

Reusable Bags

Most people have ditched the plastic bag for reusable ones, and this is one of the first steps I recommend to living more sustainably. Some grocery stores also charge 10¢ each time you use them. You can get reusable bags at most grocery stores, and many clothing brands have started giving them to you when you buy a product from them (like this Urban Outfitters one). Here is a link to some I found on Etsy!

Mesh Fruit and Veggie Tote

In addition to the reusable bags, I use these mesh ones for my fruits and vegetables. I got this one from Urban Outfitters for $6 (it was on sale), but you can also get them on Etsy for $6-$9. These are so much better than the plastic bags they have in the stores and allow your fruits and vegetables to breathe!

Water bottles

One of the other first things I recommend getting are reusable water bottles. There are so many different brands, but I’ve been loving this bottle because it has time markers on the side and matches my overall aesthetic! Here is a link to a similar one.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

When I travel, I like to use these bamboo toothbrushes because they are much lighter and eco-friendly. Because they’re made from bamboo and not plastic, they are biodegradable! I got a pack of two for about $4, but here is another link to some on Etsy!

Straws and Lids

I recently got this set of metal straws and bamboo lids as a gift and highly recommend them! This set fits wide-mouthed mason jars, but you can also get straws that collapse for going to restaurants, campus, or traveling. I love using these for smoothies or my iced coffee in the morning! Here is a set of similar ones.

Snack Bags

Last but not least, these washable snack bags have become something I use for everything (not just food)! The smaller ones are great for packing snacks, and they can also be used in the freezer. I got the ones in the picture from Target, but here are similar ones I found.

Shopping sustainably all the time isn’t always budget-friendly, but it definitely can be! “Baby steps first” is always my advice and just being more conscious about what I buy and where I buy it from.

Hannah Curran

CU Boulder '22

Hannah is a Junior studying Creative Technology and Design. She is passionate about website development, graphic design, digital art, and of course, writing! Hannah also has her own sticker business, @whoishan!
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