My Experience Learning How to Ski

One of the many reasons people come to Colorado is for the skiing. I’m sure that’s why plenty of people decided on CU Boulder as well! If you’re looking to learn, take it from me. It’s not as bad as you think. I am a Colorado native that never learned how to ski until this winter break. Here are some things that I learned.

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1. Adult beginner lessons are a thing!

If you’re afraid you’re gonna be the oldest one in the lessons, don’t worry! My lessons had 2 college girls, a 24-year-old woman and a dad whose daughter was taking her own lessons a little way down the slope. The group was very inclusive and understanding.

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2. Be confident in what you are doing!

It’s okay to feel nervous at first; I know I did! But once you gain confidence, you can get down easy and have fun with it! I was so scared the first day that I wasn’t going to be able to control myself, but the worst thing that happened was falling, and that wasn’t even that bad. If you fall you can just get back up and try again. You got this!

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3. It’s so worth it

My time skiing has opened me up to a new passion. Sure for the first few years, I might need to borrow some snow gear and rent my skis and boots but it is completely worth it in my opinion. The best things you can do in life are those that open you to new adventures and my experience learning to ski definitely did that for me.  

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4. My biggest takeaways?

The best tips and tricks I can offer before you hit the slopes are:

  • Check out coupon books for deals on rentals. Christy sports sometimes has 50% of rentals in some coupon books.

  • Try and get a friend to lend you a buddy pass or ski with a friend (epic pass perks) to make your lift ticket much more affordable.

  • Dress warmly with plenty of layers while you’re up there! If you need to take some off during the day that’s okay but the worst is to be too cold and not have anything else to put on.

  • Make sure your boots are comfortable. There is always something more you can do to make your boots more comfortable. If they need to be the loosest setting possible, do that. It will make your day a lot better.

  • Bring your own food if you can. Lodge food is super expensive so save yourself a few bucks and pack a sandwich with you in the morning.

  • Have fun! Ski with people you enjoy being around! Be okay to fall down a few times but always get back up after.

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Skiing is great fun for anyone looking to learn, also being in Colorado is an awesome excuse to try out a new hobby that you might end up loving as I did. I’m so glad I tried out skiing, even though I was hesitant since I was a 19-year-old Colorado native who had never skied in her life. If I can do it, so can you!