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More BUFF Ladies!

Watch out Pac 12, here come the Lady Buffs! Last month, the CU athletic department announced that the university is adding a Division 1 women’s lacrosse team by 2014. By adding another women’s team, the university hopes to attract more female athletes as well as more all around interest in the school. This decision makes CU the second school in Colorado with a D1 women’s lacrosse program behind DU.
The hugely successful women’s club team helped administrators make the decision. Over the last five years, the women’s club team has been ranked in the top 10. Just last year, the team was ranked as the first seed at the National Tournament but ended up getting eighth. Club members approved of the decision to add a division one team, claiming it would positively affect their program by attracting more skilled athletes to join their already talented roster.

While the athletic department considered seven other sports, they eventually decided upon lacrosse. Other factors that swayed the decision included the on-site facilities and the weather needed for an outdoor spring season. However, the most influential draw was the fact that lacrosse remains the fastest growing sport in the state of Colorado among women.
The school hopes the new program will result in an influx of more students as well as funding for the university. Of course, who wouldn’t want more young, active, “buff” women on our campus?
Bring on the LAXers!

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