A Moody Playlist For When You're In Your Feels

Have you ever been in your feels and just wanted songs that felt like they understood what you're feeling? Here are some songs that might help.

  1. 1. "Yeah Right" by Joji

    This song has some major moody vibes. This is one of those songs you listen to when you are just in a mood where you want to feel mellow. I like listening to this song when it’s dark out so I can just indulge in the full atmosphere that night brings with it. The almost echoed vocals make the song seem nostalgic.

  2. 2. "Sway" by Anna of the North

     2014 me and 2019 me have one thing in common: my love for this song. This is a song that I have repeatedly come back to this song because whenever I listen to it, I calm down and let my emotions take over. Anna of the North is an amazing artist who embraces the use of different sounds that evoke powerful emotions.

  3. 3. "Antichrist" by The 1975

    I couldn’t make a moody playlist without including The 1975. Their music is iconic for being full of emotion, and the usual sound of their songs is extremely mellow. This song, in particular, has so many components that make this a perfect song for when you want to be in your feels. To me, this would be a great night driving song.

  4. 4. "Lonely Alone" by Chelsea Cutler (feat. Jeremy Zucker)

    Chelsea Cutler makes amazing chill music on her own, but with Jeremy Zucker in the mix, it adds a whole new level to the song. This song essentially makes me feel comforted as strange as that might sound. I know it’s a song about being lonely, but it makes me feel less lonely at times.

  5. 5. "heavy snow" by Christian French

    Christian French is an incredible artist for those of you who enjoy slower-paced music with incredible lyrics and a singer who has a unique voice. This song is talking about "heavy snow," or anxiety. I really like it when artists are able to make their emotions metaphoric, especially in moody songs. 

  6. 6. "Midnight City" by M83

    You are probably familiar with this song because it’s M83’s most popular song, but if you aren’t, you are in for a treat. This song, with it’s echo-y, vaporwave sound, makes the perfect moody song. To me, it evokes feels of nighttime and how the darkness is sometimes extremely comforting, in the most amazing way.

  7. 7. "Sunset Lover" by Petit Biscuit

    This song, even though there are just chopped vocals put together, is so amazing sonically. This is one of my favorite vibey songs that don’t have lyrics. It is good to listen to when you just want to think, not feel too overwhelmed by lyrics, and when you just want to chill. I highly recommend this song.

  8. 8. "Buzzcut Season" by Lorde

    Lorde, the queen of moody music. With “Buzzcut Season” being one of my absolute favorites of hers, I naturally had to include it. This song is a perfect night drive song because the beat creates a sound that coincides with the feeling you get when you’re out during nighttime. Honestly, any of Lorde’s songs are perfect for that, but “Buzzcut Season” in particular is one I love.

  9. 9. "Intro (Slow)" by Quinn XCII

    With Quinn XCII being my favorite artist, I had to include one of his best slow songs, in my opinion. “Intro (Slow)” is a song that starts out very slow with lyrics that follow the same beat. About halfway through, it picks up a little bit and the song starts to get really good. It is a small reminder for me sometimes to take everything slow and is a great moody song.

  10. 10. "Ivy" by Frank Ocean

    Aside from this song having the same name as me (except I’m -ie), it also is an incredible, moody song. The guitar in the background of the song creates an atmosphere for the listener that is unlike any other song that I’ve come across. The lyrics are also extremely intense and sad, which makes this song amazing to me.

Happy listening, ladies! 

- Ivie