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Ohio native Sureya Leonara is the perfect inspiration for many college students who are unsure about what their future holds because after trying many new careers, she has established herself as a successful sex coach. She began college in Boston and studied business before traveling the world for environmental activism. During her travels, Sureya was diagnosed with a chronic illness which, among other symptoms, caused her to lose her labido. Through Tantra and sexual healing however, Sureya was able to “alchemize (her) hardships” and rediscover herself in the process. Now, Sureya uses her personal knowledge about sexual hardships, lack of confidence, and lost vitality to help others as a holistic sex and relationship coach. I recently had the privilege of interviewing Sureya and learned so much about her, her career, and her struggles.


Leonara’s philosophy is based on Tantra. Originated in ancient India, Tantra is a practice which embraces all things sacred while channeling one’s sexuality. Tantra is different from other ideologies, like Christianity, because it does not repress sexuality. This being said, Sureya made it very clear Tantra is not only focused on sexual aspects of life. She explained how Tantra helps people acknowledge the “vitality coursing through us in each moment” and can increase confidence both within oneself and in the bedroom. Sureya’s alternative, yoga-like, approach to sexuality through Tantra is one of the main reasons why her business is so successful. 


Sureya Leonara is passionate about her job and genuinely cares about the impact she is making. When asked about her favorite part about being a sex and relationship coach, she visibly lit up. She spoke about the freedom of running her practice with no restrictions, “helping people come home to themselves”, and teaching people how to fall in love with themselves.  As a sex coach, she guides clients through “life changing transformational journeys”. For Sureya, her career is not only a 9-5 job, but a daily spiritual journey with her clients. 


Sureya is also personally impacted by her work. As a result of her first-hand experience with losing her labido and struggling with self love, she continues her healing journey by helping others and learning more about herself. She applies her advice to her personal life, working on herself, and learning more about sexual healing. Sureya raved about her newly gained courageous, fearless love for herself and her body. She claims “helping others is a liberating experience both for my clients and myself”. It is truly inspiring how invested Sureya is in her career and continued self-healing. 


When asked about what college-aged students can do to embrace their sexuality, Sureya had lots of tips. First, she emphasized the importance of communication. According to her, not only should you listen to your body and your own personal needs and desires, but it is also vital to listen to your lover. 

Furthermore, by letting go of the unrealistic and problematic expectations of the media and porn, you can not only release insecurities, but also approach sex with a “beginners mind of curiosity”. She explained how important it is to be authentic to yourself and to not get tied up in comparison. Sureya ensures, “You are worthy for just being” and how through genuine connections to yourself and others, both in and out of the bedroom, your spirit will glow. 

Sureya warns how rushing sex is a no-go, and in order to successfully appreciate the moment, people, whether in a long-term relationship or during a one-night-stand, should connect to their breath and focus on the sensations of the body. Many people have sex with the shared goal of orgasming, but Sureya supports her clients in taking their time during sex, instead of competing in a race to finish, and claims this can improve sex for both partners. Really taking time to feel every touch enhances the experience and usually ends in stronger orgasms. Next time you and a partner initiate sex, follow Sureya’s advice and see how the experience changes. 

Sureya taught me sex is not just behind closed doors but is “connected to every aspect of our lives”. When you look at the big picture and truely love yourself and your body, not only will your sex life improve, but so will your confidence in your daily life. According to Sureya, every moment of our day is ran by sexual energy — we literally only exist because of sex– and in order to become a more balanced, spiritual person, it is important to embrace your sexuality. 


Check out the links below to find Sureya’s youtube channel, join her free mini-course, and more! 

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