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Meet Rachel Long – An MVP PINK Campus Team Member

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Welcome back Buffs! As you might remember Lauren and myself have started recognizing girls on the CU Boulder PINK Campus Team for all their hard work. Our first PINK Campus Team member of 2018 who has been truly outstanding and gone above and beyond in her work is Rachel Long.

She is one of two Freshmen Liasons on the campus team and is studying finance with a minor in economics. So far this semester Rachel has done an amazing job helping promote PINK CU Boulder events on her social media and by passing out flyers around campus! There are many reasons why Rachel is being recognized, but now it’s time to let her shine and give you the opportunity to know a little bit more about her.  


What made you want to join the PINK Campus Team?

I was super involved in high school and I wanted to continue benefiting my community on campus. PINK has been such a rewarding experience so far and I’m so glad I joined!


What is your favorite part about being on the team?

I love the gal pals I’ve made; the team is literally the sweetest, most supportive group of girls and they’re beautiful inside and out!


What is your dream job after graduation?

I want to be working in investment banking with a top financial firm and working closely with IPOs (helping companies go public).


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York City, baby!


What is one interesting fact no one knows about you?

I had a horribly embarrassing youtube channel in my freshman year of high school. Most of my college friends don’t know about it, but I don’t think my graduating class will ever forget it.


What is your favorite thing about Halloween/holiday season?

Decorations, for sure; I love seeing string lights on all the trees, it’s just so pretty!


What is your go to PINK outfit?

I’m a big fan of collegiate sweatshirts and mom jeans.


If you had to choose one animal that reflects your personality, what is it and why?

Probably a dolphin because I’m friendly and I love making others happy!


Each and every one of the girls on the CU Boulder PINK Campus Team are absolutely amazing and we are so thankful for all of them. All of their hard work is truly appreciated and we want to take time to recognize those who are going above and beyond in their work. Congratulations to Rachel for being an outstanding Campus Team Member! If you get a chance go show her some love and congratulate her on her social media channels: @rachel.longg


Have a great week Buffs, and keep an eye out for the next feature PINK CU Boulder Campus Team Member!


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Alexis Morgan

CU Boulder '19

Alexis grew up in Southern Colorado and is a senior this school year. She is majoring in Marketing with an Operations & Information Management Certificate, and a minor in Communications. Currently she is a PINK Campus Representative and a Style Guru with College Fashionista. In her free time you can expect to see her shopping, in a pilates class, or taking a break at the local Starbucks.
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