Meet Domonique Quintana: Member of CU Boulder PINK Campus Team

Each month, for the rest of the school year, one girl from the CU Boulder PINK Campus Team will be chosen to be interviewed and featured for their outstanding work. Our first PINK Campus Team member who has been truly amazing and gone above and beyond in her work is Domonique Quintana. She is one of two Social Media Gurus on the campus team. She transferred here this year from Baylor and is currently a sophomore studying Political Science.  



What made you want to join the PINK Campus Team?

“I love PINK and I knew it was a fun way to get involved and meet new people!”


What is your favorite part about being on the team?

“Being able to hangout with my awesome Campus Team & Reps, and bringing joy to people at our giveaways!”


What is your dream job after graduation?

“I plan to attend law school then hopefully be either a family or environmental lawyer.”


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

“I would definitely live in Switzerland. The Alps are gorgeous and I love the weather there!”


What is one interesting fact no one knows about you?

“I can say all 50 states in alphabetical order really fast and I have an identical twin sister.”


What is your favorite thing about Halloween/holiday season?

“I absolutely love when the leaves change colors! It just makes everything look 100x prettier.”


What is your go to PINK outfit?

“Some cute cheeksters underneath warm PINK leggings and an oversized, comfy PINK sweater.”


If you had to choose one animal that reflects your personality, what is it and why?

“A bunny because I’m usually happy and upbeat most of the time, and I love cuddling just as much as a bunny does!”  



Each and every one of the girls on the CU Boulder PINK Campus Team are absolutely amazing. All of their hard work is truly appreciated and we want to take time to recognize those who are going above and beyond in their work. Congratulations to Domonique for being amazing this past month! Keep up the good work! If you get a chance go show her some love and congratulate her on her social media channels: @xxdomoniquexx

Have a great week Buffs, stay tuned for your November PINK Campus Team member of the month!