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Meals You Can Make In Your Dorm Room

Freshmen, it’s about the time of year when you begin to loathe the C4C. You’re not alone - too much of anything can drive someone crazy. Also, some days you simply don’t want to make the trek across campus in a blizzard to find an open dining hall. However, this doesn’t have to end in you resorting to snacking on junk food or spending too much money on HungryBuffs.  Here are some dorm friendly meals to get you through this semester!

Oatmeal: Super easy because it doesn’t go bad or take up room in the fridge. Add peanut butter/ almond butter for additional protein and fruit for flavor.

Yogurt Parfait: Very quick to put together and can be done in advanced. Add fruit or frozen fruit, which will keep better, granola, and other toppings such as nuts, chia seeds or coconut flakes.

Hard Boil Eggs: You can buy a pack of six pre-cooked hard boiled eggs at Trader Joe's. Such a good source of protein.


Pasta: Believe it or not you can make pasta in the microwave. Make sure to follow directions carefully! Buy red sauce and parmesean cheese to make it a meal and try experimenting with ravioli.

Quesadilla: Super cheap option, all you need is tortillas and shredded cheese. You can also try adding canned beans for protein and salsa for flavor.

Rice: Super easy to make in the microwave, add some soy sauce for flavor.

Veggies and Hummus: Carrots, cucumbers, and peppers are fairly cheap and with hummus, you can add protein.

Sweet Potato: All you have to is scrub the outside, poke it with a fork multiple times and put it in the microwave for 5-8 minutes.

Nuts: Great source of protein that never go bad! Keep them in your backpack at all times.

Happy cooking!



Rudy Joon

CU Boulder '21

Rudy is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus of media design in the College of Media, Communication and Information, and double-minoring in Journalism and Tech, Arts, Media. She is from Saugatuck, Michigan and will always have a place in her heart for Lake Michigan, but equally loves the mountains. Her passion for helping others got her involved as a CMCI ambassador and a writer for Her Campus. Off-campus, you can find her hiking in the Flatirons, eating kale chips or running 5 minutes late.
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