March Madness Update- The First Four

March Madness Update: The First Four


Hey Everyone! March 13th and March 14th was the First Four round of the NCAA Tournament. The First Four is composed of the 8 weakest teams to gain a spot if the first round. The four lowest seeded teams who receive automatic bids and the four lowest with at large bids will play in this round. The automatic bids will become No. 16 seeds and at large generally become No. 11 or 12 seeds. Since I’ve decided to follow the tournament I’ve provided the scores of these 4 games and who they will go one to play in the first round.


March 13th, 2018:

LIU Brooklyn - 61 v. Radford- 71




St. Bonaventure- 65 v. UCLA- 58


-Radford will now move on to play Villanova, March 15th at 4:50pm


- St. Bonaventure will also move on to play Florida, March 15th at 7:57pm


March 14th, 2018

TX Southern- 64 v. NC Central- 46




Syracuse- 60 v. Arizona State- 56


  • Texas Southern will advance to play Xavier, March 16th at 5:20pm

  • Syracuse will advance to play TCU, March 16th at 7:40pm


Stay tuned for more on the first round of march madness!

xoxo- Michaela