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March 8: A Day Without A Woman

Today, March 8th, is “A Day Without A Woman.” March, as you can tell by the pieces filling our chapter’s page, is Women’s History Month. Today’s women’s strike has been organized by the same group that brought us The Women’s March in January that rocked the world post-Trump’s inauguration day. 

Wednesday is also International Women’s Day, and women are planning on showing economic solidarity in walkouts & rallies & marches. I’ve got the scoop on what you need to know today, whether you plan on striking or not.

International Women’s Day was created to express the pride stemming from women’s social, economic, cultural, and political successes, all while fighting for gender equality. Way back in 1909, 15,000 women marched through the New York City streets demanding equality and basic human rights. The fact that we’re still fighting, over a hundred years later, shows just how much work we have left, & how pertinent strikes such as “A Day Without A Woman” are.

So, there are two things going down tomorrow. The Women’s Strike & A Day Without A Woman. They’re working hand in hand, though, so feel support or participate in both.

How do you participate, you ask? Quite simple. 

  1. Don’t go to work, no matter if your job is paid or unpaid (but maybe call your boss & let them know you’re participating in the movement…)
  2. Avoid shopping, in stores, online, at your favorite Starbucks (EXCEPTION: Feel free to support local small businesses & women-owned companies, so long as you’re pretty sure that they’re supporting the strike)
  3. Wear red! It’s that simple. If you must go to class, throw on some red pants or leggings or socks or shoes or a headband or a tshirt. Paint yourself red, for all I care. Mad respect if you go that far. For instance, I have a quiz in one of my classes, and my education is a priority, so I’ll be rocking some red & acing that quiz.

Why red, you might now be asking? Organizers selected red because of the history it has with the labor movement and how it represents love & sacrifice.

Hey, boys, if you’re reading this, you can participate too! Rock some rad red & support all the ladies in your life.

At the end of today, no matter what goes down, or how many people participate, thank the badass ladies in your life. Tell your mom “thank you” for carrying you around for nine months, hug your sisters, best friends, and throw an extra big grin at anyone you see wearing some bright red. If businesses are unexpectedly closed or classes are cancelled, avoid getting too annoyed, rather try to recognize that sometimes radical actions are needed in order to see a radical change.

Happy International Women’s Day, Boulder Babes!

Caroline grew up on the East Coast, in Maryland, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying psychology and creative writing. Out of the lecture hall, she teaches vinyasa yoga at the CU Rec Center, enjoys a vegan lifestyle, acts as Recruitment Officer for Buffs for Reproductive Justice, is a member of Alpha Phi - Beta Gamma. You can find more of her journalism work over at TheTab CU Boulder.
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