Looking for Midterm Stress Relief? Meet Oliver!

It’s the time of the year none of us really ever see coming, mid-term season. Stress is high, and while studying is essential, so is stepping away from the textbook, closing your laptop, and taking a break. My main coping mechanism for stress is laying down with my cat, Oliver. And while most of you will not have the opportunity to meet Oliver, I hope this article brings the same level of joy and takes your mind off midterms a little. 

Do you like cats? Yes? Well then you’ll LOVE mine. Are you not the biggest fan of cats? Well, I’ll still bet money that you’ll love mine. Meet Oliver. He’s eight years old, 17 pounds, and the best cat you’ll ever meet. 

Oliver actually started off as one of our family cats, but last year I was able to convince my parents to bring him to college with me on the promise that I would put him on a diet and reduce some of his chunk. I’m aware he’s a big boy - I tell the vets this every time in hopes they won't get as mad at me - but c’mon he’s so funny (really though, I am working on it). 

His chonk gives him character!!

He’s a pretty well traveled cat. Born in Qatar, my family found him at a gas station and took him in as a stray. Since then, he’s lived in Virginia, Texas and Colorado, and road-tripped everywhere in between.

Here is Oliver on his Spring Break 2019 trip to Louisiana. We found the plantation that was used to film The Skeleton Key

Oliver is many things: handsome, sweet, but he’s also alarmingly intelligent. He’s learned how to open doors and open his food. Exhibit A:

Also, one thing that sets Oliver apart from most cats is that he isn’t in any way finicky. He’ll let you roll him around on the floor, let my niece pull his tail and hasn't met a single person he doesn't love. 

(Okay, well, one time my roommate brought a guy over and he hissed and I immediately made him leave, but that speaks more to his character that Oliver’s. Just saying.)

Hopefully this proved to be an effective means to decrease midterm-induced stress levels, or at the very least, an excuse to look at cute pictures of a fat cat. And how about this? Ace your final and maybe you can get the chance to meet the greatest cat in the world.