Long Distance Galentine's day

Moving away for school can be hard, especially since you’re leaving some people behind. If this is your first year away from your bestie, here are some ways to celebrate Galentine's day long distance.

1. Send each other cards. E-cards are free and fun to personalize, or you can send a classic postcard from your school to connect to each other (maybe include 10 things you miss most about them on them)

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2. Send a raunchy gift in the mail. College students, we love mail. A chocolate penis that they have to open in their dorm in front of their roommates a hilarious gag gift that they will appreciate.

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3. Facetime and watch a movie together! Pick a good valentines movie and log onto a streaming site and enjoy together! A good site to use is called rabb.it, you and your bestie create an account, create a group, explore titles to watch, all while being on a facetime-esque video call!

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4. Buy the same bottle of rosé to “share” Grab a glass, toast to the screen and enjoy your wine together.

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5. Dedicate an insta post/ story to them Find the cutest picture of the two of you together, write an adorable caption and show off your bestie for Galentine's day.

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6. If all else fails... buy a plane ticket and see them for spring break, it's all good. If you just can’t be without them, spring break is right around the corner, and they want to see you too.

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